Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor Review



Foscam has been popular in producing new and novel products that have not just created a new pathway on how such products should be made but also become and market leaders. This new product Foscam, FBM3501 baby monitor provides you audio and visual guide on how your baby is doing in his crib without the need to be around him or her all the time. It has features like LED light for night vision, portable baby monitor, 3.5 inches LCD screen and many more that help you in keeping an eye on your child.

Features and Specifications

  • The screen of this unit is 3.5 inches large that not only increases the view ability but also makes it a good enough screen for you to carry around. The color quality is sharp and provides good resolution without bursting any pixels. The screen has functions that allow you to change the viewing angles of your device’s camera by pan/tilt functions.The portable screen can be taken anywhere with you easily without losing any way of communications. The expandable vision allows you to view your child from 4 different angles and see them all in one screen.
  • Expandable Range

    The range of the device is of 985 feet giving you the liberty to move any where you want in your house without worrying about the fact that you will lose contact with your young one. You can stay in touch with your baby even when you are washing dishes in the kitchen or gardening in your lawn.

    The monitor has a special sensor that signals you whenever you have moved out of the range allowing you to know that now the device will not be able to send you data about your child and you will have to move within the range.

  • Two Way Communication

    The two way communication helps you to communicate with your baby. Mother baby relationship is always built on communication. It is scientifically proven that baby’s thrive well when they are talking to their loved ones.

    Through this feature you can talk through your child by built-in speakers and microphones as well as listen to him. You can sing your child lullabies and watch him sleep all by being under the same roof but in different rooms.

  • LED Night Vision

    The night vision allows you to see your child whether it is day or night with the same sharpness and video quality that you got when viewing him or her at night. Through this feature you can stay assured about your baby’s well being as well as comfort and sleep whenever you want.

    As opposed to the infra red technology that have visibly blinking LED lights this device doesn’t has visible LED lights and hence it doesn’t hinder or disturb your child’s sleep.

  • Auto Power Off

    Unlike many other devices that have to be powered on and off manually sometimes leaving them on all day will cause them to get drained out of their batteries and hence you will require changing or recharging them frequently.

    Through this device you can easily be assured that if you are not functioning on it or using it for very long it will turn off automatically saving your battery and power.

  • Battery Life

    The battery is rechargeable lithium one that is presented with the device in original packaging. The battery life is up to 3 to 4 hours that will allow you to see your child but the short battery life comparatively to other devices is a drawback.

  • Additional Features

    The monitor not only shows you the video of your child but also has many sensors and shows the data on the screen. Like the range signal will alert you on screen when you are out of range.

    The room temperature shows you what the room temperature is. Along with that the LCD screen also shows you the current time and records the feeding time and alerts you when you are supposed to feed next.


  • LED IR night vision
  • Portable parent device
  • 985 feet range
  • Room temperature
  • Feeding time alert
  • Two way communication
  • 4 screens
  • Auto power off


  • No built in lullabies
  • No night light
  • Low battery life

Who Should Buy

Stay at home mothers or fathers who want to keep an eye on their child along with doing their work this device is made for you. It allows you to see how your child is doing while you are in a separate room as well as talk to him along with other sensors.


Foscam baby monitor is wireless and allows you to not just see your baby from distant by a simple monitor but also talk to him or her whenever you want to. You can see your baby at both day and night. The feeding time sensor reminds you when you need to feed the baby giving you quick reminders every time.