Frequencies Of Using Breast Pump


Many women who give birth are always confused as to when be the correct time to feed their child. It is important to individualize each neonate and infant every time. Sometimes a newborn is premature and might not need breast feeding that frequently. Sometimes the neonate might be a grown up to is a 6 month old infant. It is then you will need to add a little bit more substituent and liquid foods along with milk to help the child grow.

Those moms who are exquisitely using breast pumps to feed their children are either not allowed by their doctors to feed their children directly due to some infection or illness or have had been under gone a surgery and it is difficult for them to express their own milk. In such cases it is always a good option to wait a few more weeks before breast feeding, and in the mean time using a breast pump.

Sometimes, women who have tender breasts and find breast feeding to be especially painful or uncomfortable they can always switch on the breast milk pumping so on and so forth. There are many women who use this option for nursing their children to meet their own convenience. This way again they are giving themselves the option to pump or feed their child.

You can either use a hand pump, which is manual or an electrical one. The manual one will take you up to 45 minutes to express your milk whereas the electrical pump will require you only 15 minutes, provided that it is a powerful one. So it depends on how much time you can provide from your day to pump milk for your child.

The Time Period for Breast Milk Pumping

Many lactation experts suggest that you spend at least a 100 minute in 24 hours day pumping milk. This allows you to express maximum quantity of milk and gives you enough time to keep your child well fed. Some consider it to be a cyclical pattern of every 3 hours. After every 3 hours you will have to know that you will have to either feed your child or pump milk. If you an exclusive user of breast pump this formula comes in handy so you will not have to add in the minutes or hours spent throughout the day.

Just keep a reminder alarm and in few days you will easily develop this habit. Now a days some breast pumps come with built in alarm systems so that they calculate when you have to pump next time. There are smartphone apps too, that do the same thing as well for you, so either way it works.

How Many Times a Day Should You Pump Breast Milk

This is a frequently asked question. Some women believe that the quantity of milk increases as their child grows and they believe that they should pump more often so as to meet their nutritional demands. This is however a false belief. It is now noted that you do not need to pump as much milk in a day.

Just pump enough for your child. Remember excessive pumping is not good for you. You might experience tiredness and exhaustion, and sometimes pain. Pump for as much as 8 times a day. This is a general rule as it will help you to give maximum milk to your child as well as be comfortable for you.

Pumping 8 times a day for shorter periods of time will help you to get the maximum secretion of milk. Instead of sitting for longer hours pumping milk, sit back for shorter span of time and let the milk flow. This way you will not feel tired as well. Remember keeping yourself relaxed is an important option to have a better pumping experience.

Pumping Time Duration

As stated above, try to increase the times you pump milk instead of the time duration that you might spend of each session of pump. It is postulated that you should spend around 10 to 15 minutes in one sitting for pumping milk. This theory is different from what was stated before that you should spend around 20 to 30 minutes in pumping milk. This way you will easily get weary and tired of pumping milk.

Spending too much time pumping breast milk will also make your breasts tender and painful as too much of stimulation and massage is also not good. So spend your time wisely on whatever you do and distribute it evenly.If you are a busy mom of many children or you are a working mother who needs to meet many deadlines, then giving 10 to 15 minutes time for pumping milk becomes healthier and a time saving formula for you.

So pump milk 8 times a day, for 100 minutes in small frequent sitting then large time killing ones. This way you will get the maximum milk secretion without exhausting yourself or the machine.

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