Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier Review



Frigidaire FAD704DWD is a high performing energy star dehumidifier that will help you save electricity by getting rid of humidity more effectively and conveniently. This unit has a conveniently large capacity of 70 pints, making it more efficient. This model is designed to protect your home from mildew and mold, normally caused by excess moisture.

Therefore, helping you get rid of bacteria in the atmosphere of your home that may otherwise make breathing difficult. The unit is designed for convenience with easy humidity control capabilities, which makes it easier for you to regulate the exact amount of humidity in the atmosphere of your home.

Important Features and Specs

Frigidaire FAD704DWD is designed to protect your home from the effects of excess humidity, including mildew and mold; thus eliminating any bacteria in the air of your room. A feature unique to this dehumidifier is its 70 pints-per-day rating that makes it the convenient unit to operate continuously as long as it is situated near an appropriate drain.

The unit is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic controls, which are made up of an easy to get to collection container with a washable filter for getting rid of room odors, bacteria among other particles, and level indicator. The dehumidifier has ultramodern humidity control that allows you to conveniently regulate the humidity percentage in your room.

Apart from the controls being ultramodern they are also electronic installed with digital humidity readout. The unit is equipped with integrated side handles, along with caster wheels; thus making it easier for you to move it from one location to another within your home. The unit’s energy star rating of 70-pints in every twenty four hours can dehumidify a room size of up to 1,400 square feet.

The unit is energy efficient, due to its low temperature operation, which not only saves energy, but also money. The unit is easy to empty, and it works effectively for any basement. The dehumidifier’s operation is amazing; once you switch it on, it does exactly what you expect it to do, and with negligible or no flaws.

Frigidaire FAD704DWD weighs 46 pounds and it measures 12.3 by 17.3 by 25.5 inches. Its room SpaceWise portable design is made up of caster wheels, integrated side handles, and a top handle. The unit has a dehumidification of 70 pints per day. Its amperage (cool) is 7.8 amps while its wattage (cool) is 745 watts and voltage is 115 volts.

The device is installed with electronic controls, has a fan speed of 2, is equipped with bucket full indicator, has digital humidity readout, and it is integrated with anti-bacterial mesh filter. The unit is installed with casters, drain hose connection, automatic defrost control, and auto shutoff mechanism. The dehumidifier minimum operating temperature is 41°F; and it is energy star certified.


  • The unit will improve your home environment as well as the quality of the air in your home. It does this by protecting your home from mildew and mold caused by excess humidity, and it will also get rid of any bacteria.
  • The system is designed with continuous pump action; the dehumidifier will operate continuously as long as you place it near a suitable drain. This proves how resourceful and versatile the unit is.
  • The unit is incorporated with electronic control, along with digital humidity readout. The easy humidity control makes it possible for you to regulate the desired percentage humidity in the atmosphere of your room.
  • The unit is well automated, including auto defrost control and auto shutoff mechanism; in addition, the system is integrated with minimum operating temperature, and a convenient moisture removal capacity of 70 pints per day.


  • If not used correctly, the dehumidifier may start leaking after a few days; thus subjecting you to additional cost of securing a new one.

Who Should Buy

This is the correct dehumidifier to buy if your recent purchases have all failed. Unlike other models in the market, the reliability of this particular model does not diminish; hence it is the appropriate one to buy if you are after a resourceful and economical unit. Therefore, you need not to do any intense research; since the features provided by this dehumidifier are engineered to help you get rid of excess moisture as well as any bacteria in the atmosphere of your home.


Frigidaire FAD704DWD is a four star dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 70 pints in every twenty four hours. With this dehumidifier, you are assured protection against mildew and mold caused by excess moisture in your home. The system design is highly resourceful and easy to control; the electronic control provides you with the privilege of regulating the desired humidity level in your home.

The unit is generally designed to deliver you the best dehumidification each time you turn it on. It is only Frigidaire FAD704DWD that will provide you with effortless features, along with quality material.