Furinno Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Laptop Computer Desk Review



Now getting up and taking a walk every now and then is not possible and hence standing desks are invented that allow you to do your work while standing. This new standing desk by Furinno allows you to work on it in any position you like. Whether it is lying down on your bed, sitting or standing, it rolls any way. Impressed already? Read on to find out more.!

Features and Specifications

A lot of patients come to visit their doctors due to various muscle pulls or strains and that is caused by either bad posture or for sitting too long causing muscle tension leading to painful contractions and spasms. It is hence advised to get up every now and then and take a walk or stand while working as it will allow you to straighten your back and relieving the tension in your muscles helping them to relax.

This has led to an increase in the use of standing desks at workplace. Standing desks are not only good for people with obvious back or neck problems, but for everyone out there so they can prevent it in due time. Following are the distinguishing features of Furinno laptop table.

  • Adjustable Laptop Tray

    The laptop tray is big enough to house your laptop, iPad or tablet on it easily. It measure 11.2 x 19.5 x 22 inches. It has adjustable screws that allow it to be moved fluidly in any direction of your choice for up to a whole 360 degrees. So adjust your tray in whatever angle you want, lock it there and enjoy working. This means that you can work while lying down on your bed if you are not feeling well, sitting comfortably on your couch or while standing.

    The design in traded in one piece so you will not have to go through the whole assembling situation, just open the box and its ready to be used. The tray has rubber ends for gripping and ensuring that your gadget doesn’t falls over when you use it in whatever angle of your choice. The tray has a mesh work that allows air to pass on preventing your gadget is it a tablet or iPad or your laptop to overheat.

  • Lightweight

    The product is made by aluminum alloy. This not only gives it a sturdy feel and the resilience it needs but also imparts light weight to it so you can easily carry the adjustable standing laptop anywhere you want from work to house to studio or just about anywhere.

    It weighs on 4.5 pounds, about the same height as your laptop. It can however hold up to 30 pounds of weight so make sure you do not over stuff things on it or add too many gadgets because chances are that it will give away and this might cost you as well. It is in the color black which gives it a good color and allows it to blend in with whatever your room or office’s furniture is so it will not looks out of place.

  • Good For Back Pain

    Our human body has been made with mobile joints that have to be used frequently in order to keep the blood supply going and the cartilage and calcium wear and tear happening in the normal rate. Immobility, or poor r mobility, can be a seen as bliss by people out there who love to be idle and stay at home watch TV all day, but it can actually be a slow killer.

    Spending majority of your day sleeping can cause you many diseases, most commonly back ache. This standing table is good for those who have back pain as this desk allows you to work while standing.

  • Height Adjustment

    The adjustable laptop tray comes with an easy height adjustment option. It has three joints that allow you to identify at which height you feel most comfortable while working on your laptop or tablet.

    It can go from being as small as 11 inches, suitable for lying down to as high as 22 inches that will help you to stand up and work on it. You can adjust the height according to your own height or position. It doesn’t matters if you are sitting or standing this standing laptop works in every way.


  • Light weight
  • Collapsible
  • Portable
  • One piece
  • Angle adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • resilient


  • Expensive
  • Cannot hold more than 30 pounds weight
  • No storage capacity

Who Should Buy

This is a product specifically made for those who need to have one table that works best for them either when they are lying, sitting or standing. It doesn’t matters as long as they get a product that is not only resilient but looks good too and can be modified to any shape and size you want according to your will and comfort. If you are one of them then this product is suitable for you.


Sturdy, stylish, lightweight, portable, and comfortable to work on; this product has it all to become a staple at workplaces. However if you work with working stations and require a large working area that houses heavy machinery and stuff then this product will not be suitable for you.