The Basics of Generator Battery Replacement


Changing the battery of your generator for the first time can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to explain generator battery replacement in a nutshell.

For starters, you should know when to replace the battery. Don’t wait until it’s maxed out. A generator that won’t turn on is a big problem during a power outage – especially if it’s going to last for days.

According to Duthie Power Services, you should replace the battery every two to three years. However, just to be safe, follow the minimum interval which is two years. You really can’t predict the exact moment your generator stops working due to a dead battery.

When it’s finally time for the replacement, make sure the battery is compatible with your machine. Read your generator’s instruction┬ámanual for the manufacturer’s tips. Expect to find there the right battery type and size for your generator.

In Conclusion

And, that’s our quick take on generator battery replacement. The recommended interval is two to three years – even if the battery is still okay. This will prevent sudden problems during a power outage.

Replacing a generator battery is not the only crucial maintenance process. Learn about oil change interval here.

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