Generator Oil Change Interval: What You Need to Know


One of your responsibilities as an owner of a generator is to change its oil regularly. If you fail to do so, your machine is going to overheat due to increased friction. To prevent that, learn the basics of the generator oil change interval.

Change the oil every 50 to 60 hours

Luckily for you, you don’t have to replace the oil every day. An interval of more than two days isn’t too bad.

However, according to The Family Handyman, the interval doesn’t apply to new generators. A newly-bought machine only needs 25 hours. That’s just a one-time thing, so don’t worry.

The oil change interval may force you to stock up

The impact of some natural calamities can last for weeks. That’s why you need to store a huge amount of oil in your home once you receive warnings.

Not only that, you should be particular about the right kind of oil to use. Make sure to read the user’s manual before buying generator oil.

In Conclusion

Again, theĀ generator oil change interval is 50 to 60 hours. With a brand-new generator, however, its first oil change should be after 25 hours.

For more generator maintenance tips, know how to clean and store the machine. You might also want to learn how to reduce generator noise.