Genesis GMS15LB 10-Inch 15-Amp Compound Miter Saw Review



Genesis GMS15LB is an ultraportable compound miter saw that is engineered to provide precision cutting. This miter saw is packed with high quality cutting features. You can easily and conveniently make accurate miter cuts of up to 45°, both left and right. The unit is resourceful and versatile, since you can use it in different cutting jobs, including picture framing and crown molding.

The most notable feature that is worth the money is the incorporation of laser light cutting guide. The laser guide provides you with quicker alignment as well as improved accuracy when cutting your work piece. The saw’s package includes, one support bar, two AAA batteries, dust bag, blade wrench, hold down clamp, and carbide blade.

Important Features and Specs

The Genesis GMS15LB is made of one-handed carrying capability for quick as well as easy transportation. This miter saw is engineered for balanced one-handed ultra-portability. Apart from the ultra-portability nature of this cutting gear, it is also equipped with maximum all round cutting capacity. GMS15LB features a quick release high precision fence. The miter saw is engineered to provide compound features for accurate miter and bevel cuts, since Genesis designed the saw for versatility and ease of use. The unit is designed in such a way that it allows you to conveniently change the blade’s cutting angle for creating perfect miters and bevels. The miter saw is installed with laser guide technology for precision cutting.

GMS15LB is incorporated with an exclusive laser guide system that can conveniently be activated for exact alignment, along with predictable blade placement. You can easily adjust the laser guide to match your preferred cuttings. All you need to do is align the saw’s laser guide with a mark on your work piece; then let the blade create precise cuts along the laser guide. The miter saw is highly user-friendly.

The installed powerful 15 amp motor produces no load speed of up to 4,800 rpm, which gently and easily cuts through the toughest of work pieces. The unit is designed with a heavy-duty base that provides the needed support as well as balance; hence ensuring that material does not warp. GMS15LB is generally designed to provide professional cutting performance in a number of applications, including: woodwork and fastening.

GMS15LB measures 20 by 15.7 by 14.7 inches, and it weigh 29.2 pounds, making it ultraportable. The miter saw’s rated voltage is 120 volts AC, 60Hz and its rated input power is 15 amps. The unit can effectively produce maximum no load speed of up to 4,800 rpm. Its blade size is 255 mm, and its arbor size is 5/8 inches. The saw’s maximum cutting capacity both left and right are conveniently large. The unit also comes with two AAA batteries for powering the laser, 60T carbide blade, and a dust bag.


  • The miter saw is designed to deliver precision miter cuts of up to 45° on the left and right, it also has nine position stops at the major angles.
  • The miter saw uses compound cutting engineered for crown molding, picture framing, cabinetry, general woodworking, and so on. This makes it highly user friendly and convenient.
  • The unit’s laser light cutting guide provides quicker alignment, along with improved accuracy, which ensures that your cuts are always precise.
  • The miter saw is fully packed with adequate accessories, which ensure that you achieve the best miter and bevel cuts; the accessories include 60T carbide blade, dust bag, and a hold down clamp.


  • If not used correctly, the laser guide may fail after a few months of use.

Who Should Buy

GMS15LB is a remarkable miter saw that has the capacity of fulfilling the cutting expectations of the user. This is a very resourceful functioning item for someone who loves cutting work pieces correctly. You will be impressed with each and every feature of this consumer product. This is the ideal product for a person who is after excellent cutting performance. GMS15LB is the most convenient laser guide miter saw, which provides accurate cuts. You should also buy this unit if you are after a miter saw design that is easy to clean and maintain. The included dust bag collects all the dirt and particles, leaving your work surface clean. Furthermore, this is the most convenient miter saw for all experience levels.


The GMS15LB is known for affordability, resourcefulness, reliability, and versatility. This is a lightweight cutting gear that you can conveniently transport from one working surface to another. The laser guide of this miter saw is lined up perfectly making cutting exceptionally easy. This cutting machine has more than enough power to cut through almost any relevant cutting job. This is an amazing miter saw for the money, and you do not need to worry about the performance. With that said, you do not need to search the market anymore for the most convenient miter saw, since GMS15LB is the right choice for you.