Can You Get A Chair Massage While Pregnant


Back pain is a common problem among pregnant women, so it only seems logical to get a massage.

Since lying face down is definitely impossible for expecting moms, sitting on a massage chair feels right. However, just to be on the safe side, can you get a chair massage while pregnant?

Chair massage is recommended for most pregnant women

If you’re not suffering from any health condition, go ahead and get a chair massage!

Most massage chairs usually have an ergonomic design fit for expecting moms. This type of chair has a padded cradle for the face and another padded section for the chest. It will perfectly support the heavier weight of an expecting mother. It will also let you sit upright, perfect for breathing.

More importantly, massage chairs are still useful even beyond the woman’s first trimester. The only condition is to adjust the chest pad to avoid discomfort on a bigger belly.

The massage therapist may also provide pillows for a more comfortable session. One on the chest pad is really essential to protect the pregnant woman’s tender breasts.

Any form of massage is potentially dangerous to ALL pregnant women

Massage chairs aren’t dangerous at all. It’s just that the process itself poses a threat to both the mother and baby. In general, massage during pregnancy has a lot of red flags.

If a therapist isn’t certified or licensed to do prenatal massage, he might trigger some sensitive areas. There are actually pressure points on your wrists and ankles that can trigger your pelvic muscles. The worst-case scenario is premature labor.

In Conclusion

Can you get a chair massage while pregnant?

If your pregnancy is completely normal, there’s really nothing wrong about getting a chair massage. Just don’t forget to hire a licensed prenatal massage therapist to avoid harming your baby.

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