Glass vs Plastic Blenders: Which One Is Better?


Not sure whether to go for a blender with a glass jar or a plastic one? Stay with us as we reveal the pros and cons of glass vs plastic blenders.

Glass blending jars are fragile but still better

The obvious disadvantage of glass jars is they will instantly shatter or break when dropped. No matter how careful you are, the heavier weight of glass can be bad news if your hands are wet or tired.

Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons. We’re going to prove that with the following benefits:

  • More attractive design
  • Better view of the contents because of the super-clear jar
  • No discoloration
  • Doesn’t retain scratches
  • Odor-resistant

Plastic blending jars are tough but less desirable

The only thing we like about plastic jars is their durability. You can’t break them easily. Their lightweight structure is also a plus for better control.

However, over time, plastic changes color which may affect the jar’s clarity. What makes matters worse is its vulnerability to abrasion. Discoloration and scratches are simply a terrible combination.

In Conclusion

After considering the benefits and downsides of glass vs plastic blenders, we don’t recommend the latter. A glass blending jar will only require you to be more careful with it. On the other hand, plastic can have a direct effect on the contents.