Gogogu Non-contact Infrared Ear Thermometer Baby Thermometer Review



Gogogu has been the company that has always provided one of the best and cheapest products ever for your kitchen or your household usage. This time again, they have come up with an ear thermometer so that you can have a good quality thermometer without paying a hefty sum of cash for it. It is why this product has been given 3.5 stars out of 5 by 23 customer reviews.

Features and Specifications

In today’s world where inflation is at its height and jobs are reducing to minimum, it is very important to live on a strict budget and hence do your spending in the most intelligent and well thought out way but without compromising on the quality of the product.

Gogogu has come up with a thermometer that is not only backed with one of the best features but that also is marketed at a lower price than all other thermometers in the market today.

  • Longevity

    The thermometer life is very large as claimed by the company. It can take up to 3 million temperature readings in total product lifetime. The 2 AA batteries also run large and work through 100,000 readings in total. Such great work ability ensures that the thermometer is made up to state of the art processor and will not break down easily ensuring that you will not need to buy another thermometer in short span of time.

  • Readings

    The temperature will be shown on Fahrenheit scale rather than both Fahrenheit and Celsius like most other thermometers do. It has a range of 89-107 oF which is pretty big and on Celsius reads up to 32-42 oC.

    It provides reading in a second and will give a beep and a flash when the device is turned on and will beep when the readings have been processed. This will ensure you that the device is activated and will also help you in guiding when inserting the device inside your ear.

  • No Discomfort

    Due to its soft probe and good quality plastic it doesn’t produces any pain or discomfort when inserted inside the ear and helps to take the temperature within seconds.

    Now taking your kids temperature is as easy as it can get. Without waking him up or causing him any distress you can take his temperature and see the how is the fever tracking.

  • Packaging

    The product of the packing is deemed unsatisfactory as it has no storage case or batteries included. This means that by buying the product you will also need to buy its battery adding up cost to you already tight budget. The manual is also not easy to read and hence it gets difficult to understand and follow the instructions given in to properly handle the tool.

    Without the storage case the product cannot be kept secure and you will have to buy a separate case for it to keep it safe, away from the reach of the children and ready to be taken with you whenever you want.

  • No Automatic Switch Off

    In usual thermometers there is a feature of automatic turn off that switches the thermometer off when it senses that it is not used for 1 minute. This feature increases the battery longevity as it saves it from unwanted consumption.

    This important feature is not present in product. Instead there is an on/off switch that you need to use whenever you will want to turn the device on or off. The beep and flash ensures that the device is on and activated ready to be used and then to turn it off you will have to press the button again.


  • Long running batteries that can take up to 100,000 readings
  • Device can take up to 3 million readings in one lifetime of the product
  • No discomfort
  • Easy to use
  • Provides readings in 1 second
  • Flash light to indicate that the device is turned on
  • Beep to ensure that the device is placed correctly and has recorded the temperature
  • Range of 89-107 Fahrenheit


  • Poor packaging
  • Accuracy can be questioned
  • No automatic turn off
  • Provide readings only in Fahrenheit
  • Batteries are not included so they have to be purchased separately

Who Should Buy

This is a cheap product made especially for those people who want to buy a thermometer that not only easy to use but also handy and costs them less. But with its questionable accuracy as well as no battery it doesn’t add up being a good bet for your money when there are much better thermometers in the market targeted at the same price range or a little higher.


This ear thermometer lacks a lot of features that makes it one of the best and cheapest thermometers in the market. Due to it being not hosting any of the state of the art facilities like fever alarm, automatic shut off, along with not providing the product with any battery makes this product rank low among all the ear thermometers out there.