Graco-1 second ear thermometer Review



For individuals out there who want to buy a good quality ear thermometer that promises, quick results, accuracy, memory, and cheap price then Graco 1-second ear thermometer is the best buy. This thermometer, as its name states, gives readings in 1 second making it one of the fastest thermometers out there. It has features that all expensive thermometers have and that too in less price. To find out more about the product read on.

Features and specifications

The price range of most thermometers is very high. Due to the new knowledge that ear thermometers are now not only the most accurate method of measuring temperatures but also the safest too. Due to this fact ear thermometers are targeted at a much higher rate than the normal oral thermometers.

For those people who have an infant or a toddler in their house but who live on a budget and cannot afford to buy an expensive thermometer then do not purchase this product and go for the rather dangerous oral thermometer or unreliable forehead rectal thermometer.

Keeping this thing in mind, Graco has come up with a thermometer that is not only fast, gives results in 1 second, but also cheap and can be easily included in anyone’s monthly budget.

  • Fast

    The Graco 1-second ear thermometer, as the name states is a thermometer that gives reading in literally one second. So now you do not need to keep the baby still for a whole 2 minutes you can easily take his or her temperature while the baby is sound asleep without waking him/her up and giving you the results within 1 second. It is also safe and easy to use and keeping all of that in mind it does not compromise on the quality front.

  • Temperature Recall

    Keeping that in mind, Graco provides great quality and all features of an expensive thermometer in its cheap price. Temperature recall feature helps to record all previous readings and gives you an estimate that you can work with while treating your child’s or your fever knowing what is the progression rate.

  • Requires No Probe Covers

    This is again another added advantage for those who live on a tight budget and getting new lens filters every time flu strikes can be costly. This is why Graco has made this thermometer that does not require any lens filter and the probe can be easily wiped by alcohol or sanitized wipes. This feature will not be appreciated by many who want to buy a product that does not allow germs transfer.

    Hence it can be both an advantage and a disadvantage towards the product.

  • Automatic Shut Off

    Like many thermometers in the market that have an off/off button and you have to remember to switch off the thermometer for usage this thermometer comes with the feature that there is an automatic shut off.

    So if you forget to turn the thermometer off after you have taken the temperature reading the thermometer has a special sensor that detects if the thermometer has not been working for a minute and it turns the device off. This feature not only comes in handy while usage but also conserves battery.

  • Storage Bag

    This product is packaged with a storage bag that helps to store the thermometer in a safe and secure place. This makes it away from the reach of the children who are always in search of things to put in their mouth. The storage bag also makes it handy to carry around any where you want.

    So if you are travelling somewhere and you realize that your young one is getting a fever you can easily take the thermometer out of your purse and measure the temperature.

  • Display and Design

    The thermometer is designed to provide the best features you can get in an economically priced thermometer.  It has a front screen which has a digital thermometer reading. The large screen has its own backlight so you can easily take the reading in a dark room without needing to turn the lights on. It has a soft tip and is designed to get easily in shape of your hand.

    The only drawback over here is that it doesn’t has any audio beep or visual flash that usually most thermometers do to signal that the thermometer is inserted and placed in the right direction and the temperature is recorded. Without any of that guidance’s it can become very difficult if you aren’t trained to take temperatures from the ear.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Large front screen with backlight
  • Shows readings in both celsius and fahrenheit
  • Travel friendly
  • Recalls up to 10 previous temperature recordings
  • Gives results in 1 second
  • Automatic shut off


  • Some users complain of inaccuracy and inconsistency
  • No probe cover
  • No beep or flash light guidance

Who Should Buy

This is a product especially designed for those people out there who want to get every state of art technology product in their home without compromising on their budget. Although this product isn’t the best and nor it has all the features of an expensive product of its variety, yet it provides good results and is of good quality.


Graco 1-second ear thermometer keeps its promise for providing a thermometer that is efficient, cheap, has an automatic switch off, a storage bag, temperature recall feature, and above all as the name implies, provides results in 1 second.