What to Do While Growing Out Heat Damaged Hair


Having heat damaged hair can be a serious problem, particularly if you are someone who likes using hair styling tools on a daily basis. The more you style your hair, the more damaged it gets. With that, it’s important to give your hair some time to grow back and regain its natural health and shine.

So, what to do while growing out heat damaged hair?

Forget shampoo in the meantime

Shampoos, particularly those that contain sulfate, can strip the hair’s natural oils. This leaves your hair weak and vulnerable to damage. If you really can’t avoid using shampoo, make sure that you’re using one formulated with gentle ingredients.

Trim off damaged hair

Trim off about half an inch per month. This way, you’ll be able to slowly get rid of the damaged parts while your hair is growing back.

Keep your hair moisturized

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing conditioner after washing your hair. It will help seal in the moisture so your hair can stay soft and hydrated.

Use a hair mask once a week

Deep conditioning your hair enables it to remain moisturized, hydrated, and healthy. While there are some great hair masks you can buy from your local beauty stores, you can also use a DIY hair mask you can create right at home. Bananas, avocados, and coconut milk are great choices.