Can a Hacksaw Cut Steel


Because of the small structure of hacksaws, you can’t help but wonder if they’re strong enough for hard metals. Let’s focus on something more specific – can a hacksaw cut steel?

A hacksaw can cut steel if it uses the right blade.

To be more specific, the hacksaw’s blade should have the right pitch. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “pitch” refers to the number of teeth found at every inch of the blade. You’d also encounter this word if you’re going to learn how to measure a chainsaw’s chain.

The major types of hacksaw blades based on the pitch are the 18 and 32 teeth. The 18-teeth-per-inch blade is basically for simpler tasks like cutting small pipes and rods. It can cut steel, but it’s not the better option since it makes rough edges.

Precise cutting of steel needs 32 teeth.

For smoother edges, use a hacksaw with a blade that has 32 teeth per inch. This type ensures a cleaner and safer cut. It is also ideal for softer metals like brass and aluminum.

The downside of this blade is slower cutting of steel. However, that’s already expected for thicker high-grade steel pieces.

In Conclusion

Can a hacksaw cut steel?

Of course! After all, hacksaws are designed to cut metal. Just remember to use a 32-teeth-per-inch blade for smoother cuts.