Why Hair Dryer Smells Like Burning


Hot hair tools can be dangerous, so it’s only natural to get paranoid when you smell something funny. Since you have a particular issue in mind, we’re ready to inform you why hair dryer smells like burning.

The obvious answer is that a certain section on the device is literally in flames. However, this is already the worst-case scenario. There’s another explanation which is more realistic for people who use blow dryers.

The part where air intake happens is susceptible to clogging, especially with hair strands. When hair stays inside the blow dryer, it is exposed to intense heat. That’s where the burning smell might be coming from.

Don’t worry; that shouldn’t scare you. You just have to clean the clogged area with an old toothbrush.

But, you should also know how to open and close the hair dryer’s housing. It is your responsibility to ensure that no debris remains inside.

Now that we’ve discussed the solution, what about prevention? Surely there’s something that can stop the problem from ever happening.

Just be a responsible owner and clean your hair dryer regularly. More importantly,┬ádon’t just focus on the surface. Keep a screwdriver in your home to easily open the device’s housing.

In Conclusion

The common reason why hair dryer smells like burning is debris clogging the air intake. When hair strands inside the device get too hot, they release an alarming smell.