The 3 Types of Hair Dryers You Should Know


Before you hit the store to purchase a new hair dryer, you still have to make sure which type is perfect for your hair. That’s right; there are different types of hair dryers – but don’t feel the pressure just yet! To keep you from getting confused, allow us to help you with this handy guide.

Forget about the basic dilemma of choosing between battery-powered hair dryers and electric ones. The real question you must ask yourself is whether you’ll go for an ionic, ceramic or tourmaline hair dryer. This factor is crucial to prevent damaging your hair.

Learn more about the aforementioned types of hair dryers below:

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are excellent at breaking down water molecules. Because of this feature, an ionic hair dryer will provide you super-fast results. Its negative ions and heating system are sought-after. Its ionic technology can reduce your hair’s surface tension for an enhanced shine.

However, ionic dryers can make your hair overly dry. A common issue among users is extreme dryness since many people tend to over-dry their hair which becomes worse with heat plus ions.

Fortunately, you may resort to a gentler alternative – the ceramic hair dryer.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

As a plain material, ceramic is typically made from clay. It is a popular material for hair dryers’ housing and heating element mainly because of its durability and non-toxic nature.

More importantly, ceramic in hair dryers makes them excellent at evenly distributing safe infrared heat. These dryers don’t rely on extra features such as positive and negative ions.

Considering the first type we discussed, ionic hair dryers are dangerous for long-term use because of their electromagnetic field effect. They can cause static and frizz. That’s why ceramic hair dryers and their scalp-friendly infrared heat will always be the safer option.

Meanwhile, there’s another material that can enhance the features of both ionic and ceramic hair dryers.

Tourmaline is not typically a standalone type since manufacturers usually combine it with other materials. Still, it can be a huge factor for your purchase.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

These hair dryers come from finely crushed tourmaline crystals. They can boost the release of negative ions and close your hair’s cuticle layer. The result is ultra-smooth hair.

In fact, tourmaline makes ionic and ceramic hair dryers 40 percent faster in drying hair. It is an in-demand material for professional stylists.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake tourmaline hair dryers. You have to be more careful in choosing one. You also have to make sure that you have enough money for tourmaline hair dryers since they’re really expensive.


The types of hair dryers may actually vary based on the focus (power source, size, structure, etc.). According to the material, however, ionic, ceramic and tourmaline dryers are the variations. Considering the material is the most important factor to ensure that your hair stays protected even under intense heat.