Why Is My Hair Frizzy After Flat Ironing


A flat iron is supposed to make your hair tidy and straight. So, we completely understand how annoying it would be if the result is the total opposite of what you’re expecting. To ensure a positive effect, let’s focus on the problem first – why is your hair frizzy after flat ironing?

When it comes to hair straightening, we managed to come up with a list of causes you should be aware of. Take a look at these factors:

  • Ineffective products for prepping your hair
  • Plastic or nylon hairbrushes
  • Flat irons with steel plates
  • Regular hair towels
  • Harsh towel drying
  • Blow drying mistakes
  • Wrong techniques while flat ironing
  • Too much heat from the flat iron
  • Not using the right hair products for finishing touches
  • Not cooling your hair down before going outside

Finally, you’re now ready to learn the solution for each cause. Follow these tips to make sure your hair is soft and smooth after flat ironing:

  • Use smoothing shampoos and conditioners.
  • Moisturize your hair before flat ironing.
  • Brush your hair with boar bristles.
  • Use flat irons with ceramic or titanium plates.
  • For a gentler and more absorbent hair towel, use microfiber.
  • Never rub your hair dry. Just pat and squeeze!
  • Follow a systematic process and use safe temperatures while using a hot hair tool.
  • Apply hair spray and moisturizer for the finishing touches.
  • Cool your hair down with a blow dryer in its cold setting.

In Conclusion

Factors that can make hair frizzy after flat ironing may happen before, during, and after the process itself. As long as you know what to do from the preparation process up to the finishing touches, your hair will stay healthy and flawless.