The 3 Hair Ironing Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of


You clearly have reservations about using a flat iron to straighten your hair. We can’t blame you; it is scary to think that you have to use extreme heat just to have straighter hair. In fact, it is actually possible for anyone to suffer from hair ironing side effects.

For starters, some flat irons contain methylene glycol, commonly known as formaldehyde. This chemical is a common carcinogen. Long-term exposure to any carcinogen might lead to cancer.

How exactly is formaldehyde released from a flat iron? Once the iron gets completely hot, formaldehyde comes out in the form of gas. Obviously, the user is more likely to inhale it.

Inhaling formaldehyde gas can irritate your nose and throat. Aside from inhalation, the gas can also seriously irritate your eyes. That’s why you have to make sure that your flat iron is made of high-quality materials.

The online educational publication Penn State has released vital information regarding possible hair ironing side effects. We’re going to discuss that one by one.

Heat lessens natural moisture on your hair

The major downsides of less moisture on your hair are dullness and frizz. These effects will make your efforts in straightening your hair useless since they won’t keep the strands straight. To counter them, feel free to use appropriate hair products like serums and leave-in conditioners.

Natural moisture is the best factor in keeping your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. These characteristics will make your hair look naturally straight.

Flat irons can trigger allergies

If your skin is not compatible with the flat iron’s material, you might suffer from an itchy scalp. Of course, itchiness will also lead to redness. This will make your scalp look distracting and unhealthy.

Allergic reactions from flat irons may also include rashes on your face, temples, and nape as well as eye problems like red eye and itchiness.

Wrong use of flat irons can lead to severe hair fall.

Before ironing your hair, you have to learn it. Read blogs and watch tutorial videos. If you choose to go ahead without any idea about proper timing, you might break your hair from the roots.

More importantly, you shouldn’t iron your hair every day. Long-term use can affect your hair follicles and natural keratin. This will drastically reduce the volume of your hair.


If you don’t want to experience the aforementioned hair ironing side effects, you have to be more careful in finding a high-quality flat iron. You should also know how to do the process correctly. Lastly, observe proper hair care to preserve natural moisture despite the heat.