How to Use Hair Serum On Hair Before Straightening


Believe it or not, a hair serum can dramatically change the results you can get after using a hair straightener. Hair serums can reduce frizz, condition the hair, and nourish it with vitamins and nutrients to get back its natural shine and moisture. If you’re suddenly curious, here’s a guide on how to use hair serum on hair before straightening.

Use it before blow drying damp hair

Applying serum on damp hair prior to blow drying can reduce frizz and reduce heat damage. Additionally, it can also help you achieve a sleeker-looking hair.

Use it before using a hair straightener

If you choose to apply the product before straightening your hair, you can get all the benefits previously mentioned. Apart from that, your hair will also be shinier and more conditioned to your finished style.

Use it on dry and styled hair

If you want to make your dull, dry, and damaged hair look better, use your hair serum on dry hair. Apart from adding shine, the serum can also act as a barrier against humidity.

In Conclusion

There’s no wrong or right way of using a hair serum. However, the results you’ll get will depend on when and what you apply it on.