Hair Serum vs Hair Oil: How Are They Different?


Hair serums and hair oils are often used interchangeably, causing a lot of people to have a hard time pinpointing their differences. And that’s not really surprising, given that those products almost look the same. In this hair serum vs hair oil comparison, however, we’ll share with you their key differences so you’ll know which one your hair needs most.

Hair Serums

Hair serums are great for making your hair strands shinier, healthier-looking, and smoother. They protect the hair from excessive heat, forceful brushing, and even pollution. And if you’ll be exposed to the sun for a long time, hair serums can also provide protection.

They are best applied on freshly washed, damp or wet hair. Since they are concentrated, you won’t need to apply a lot of product.

Hair Oils

Hair oils, on the other hand, can help you detangle wet hair easily. They are great in controlling frizz and giving your hair that extra shine. If you have split ends, hair oils can help you camouflage them as they soothe and hydrate each strand.

In terms of application, it’s important that you apply hair oils evenly. Start from the mid-shaft and stay away from the roots as much as possible. If you have thicker and coarser hair, you may need to use more product to get the best results.