Top 7 Hair Straightener Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know


Hair straighteners are very handy. They are practical styling tools that you can use at home to save you hundreds of dollars from salons and professional hair stylists. They can also save you time when styling your hair in the morning. As long as you know how to use them properly, you should be able to enjoy really straight hair for the rest of the day.

Apart from creating your favorite hairstyle, however, hair straighteners also have other surprising uses. Below, we’re sharing with you some surprising hair straightener hacks you’d be so happy to know.

  • Iron Your Clothes

    Believe it or not, hair straighteners are especially great for ironing collars since they are narrow. They would fit right in and even out the creases on your shirt’s collars.

    Take note that you must not do this too often because it could exhaust your hair straightener. Do not use it as a permanent replacement for your regular iron and ironing board.

  • Make Big Bouncy Curls

    This second one is very popular as most flat iron hair straighteners can really be used as curlers. But it does require some skills and practice, and you also want to use a straightener with a roundish housing to make it easier to create curls.

    There are YouTube tutorial videos that you can watch to get how to do a proper curl with a straightener. Essentially, you have to section your hair into thinner portions. Get a portion to curl and position the straightener higher or lower where you want the curl to begin. Turn the straightener or twist it till the hair is facing backwards.

    Turn it one or two times more. And then, slowly, pull down the straightener until the very edge. And you will have a well-defined curl on your hair. It is important to watch out for that snapping sound, which could sometimes happen and would mean that it did not completely slide through the strands. It would not turn out with a proper curl.

  • Flip Your Hair

    You can also flip your hair outwards if you feel like spicing up your look a little. To get the best results for this, make sure that you shower or at least wash your hair before styling. Use a good shampoo and conditioner and make sure to dry your hair well before using the straightener.

    If your hair is too smooth, use wax or styling mousse to hold your hair in place. Do not use spray. Gently straighten your hair from the root and when you get to the body going down the tip, flip it upwards slowly. You will come up with a nice outward flip, great for parties and just about any special occasion.

  • Create a Bob

    For those with shorter hair, you can use a hair straightener to push the edges of your hair inward to make a bob or inverted bob style. This is great when your hair is not rebonded because, at awkward lengths, hair tends to fly away.

  • Braid Waves

    If you don’t like big curls, you can do soft waves. Braid your hair and use your hair straightener to reinforce the style. Remove the braid and your hair will fall off with nice soft waves.

  • Twisty Curls

    If you don’t like the full curls, you can use your hair straightener to give your hair some loose curls. Simply wrap portions of hair around your straightener, hold the tip, and let the heat settle for a while. Gently release the hair and remove it without sliding and you will have some light curls. This is a great tip for those with thinner hair and long hair.

  • Straighten Your Paper Bills

    If you happen to get your dollar bills wet by accident or your report got crumpled, you can try to gently straighten it out again with a flat iron.

There are other styling tricks that you can do to create different looks. But you will discover most of them on your own and maybe come up with unique ideas to share. Be creative and experiment!

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