The Best Hair Straightener: A GHD vs. BaByliss Comparison Review


When it comes to hair straighteners, especially flat irons, the GHD and the BaByliss are two of the most popular brands. Although the two are also known to be quite pricey, a lot of women and even professional stylists prefer them because of their ease of use and advanced features.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between the two, this guide should help you make the right decision based on your needs and preferences.

GHD vs. BaByliss Comparison Table 2018

GHD Classic 1-inch4$$$Ceramic
BaByliss PRO Nano4$$Titanium
BaBylissPRO Mini 4.3$Portable

GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance 1" Styler
3.5$$$$$Professional Styler
GHD Gold Professional 1/2 Inch4$$$ Ceramic

GHD Stylers

The best thing about GHD stylers is the professional design. BaByliss products look really nice and cute, but GHD stylers have this chic elegance that makes them suitable for salons. Not that it would make the performance significantly better, but if you want something that looks impressive, you might prefer GHD more.

Here are some of the features that make GHD stand out:

  • Automatic Temperature Adjustment

    This can either be a pro or a con for users, depending on your preference and hair type. GHD stylers rarely have temperature control settings. However, these hair tools have the ability to adjust the temperature on their own. Each styler has an advanced mechanism that increases or decreases the heat depending on the type of hair the plates come in contact with.

    If the strands are coarser and thicker, the unit will increase its temperature to straighten hair faster. The problem with this is that it’s not always accurate. So, if you’re very particular about heat settings, GHD might not be for you.

  • Barrel Design

    Most GHD models are designed with a barrel-shaped housing which makes it efficient in making curls or fine waves and flips. So, if you’re also fond of curling your hair, this will work wonders. The absence of the sharp edges makes it easier to get the hair to shape up.

  • Ceramic Plates

    Most GHD flat irons and curlers use ceramic heaters which distribute heat evenly to minimize hair damage. They also run smoothly and don’t stick or get tangled up.

    Those are the most important things to note about GHD stylers. It is also worth mentioning that they offer limited edition designs every year.


BaByliss products, on the other hand, offer the following attractive features:

  • Tourmaline Ceramic

    The most popular BaByliss PRO models use tourmaline ionic technology. They also use ceramic plates and an advanced tourmaline heating system. These features allow the natural moisture of your hair to be retained. So, if you want a smoother and more natural finish, the BaBylissPRO units are quite efficient.

  • Nano

    The brand features Nano style which has revolutionized the size of modern hair straighteners. They are significantly lighter and slimmer which make them ideal for traveling. The slim design also makes it easier to reach through the roots of the hair, making them suitable for those with fine hair.

  • Titanium

    An even more advanced technology than ceramic is the titanium. They heat up really fast and promote longer lasting results.

  • Professional Standard Heat Setting

    As compared to the GHD, BaByliss PRO straighteners feature temperature control which usually goes up to as high as 450 degrees. It is even higher than the salon standard of 350 degrees, allowing you to have more control over styling.

  • Ryton Housing

    Most of the units use Ryton housing. It makes the external part of the straighteners cool so you don’t burn your hand when you touch it, even at a very high heat.


As a final note, when choosing between the two, take the type of your hair into great consideration. As you may notice, the BaBylissPRO products focus more on protecting the natural shine and moisture of the hair.

GHD also does that but if you have very fine hair, the BaByliss will be more suitable for you. GHD stylers are very efficient in handling difficult hair. When tested on a thick curly wig, it straightened the strands in just one pass.

So, keep those two contrasting factors in mind.

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