Hair Straighteners: Ghd vs T3



Ghd stylers have been around for quite some time and they are very well known even in salons. If you have come across some of the tutorial videos online on using hair straighteners to style and curl hair, you may notice that at least one ghd product will almost always be mentioned in comparison to other brands and models.

T3 hair straighteners, on the other hand, do not have that kind of reputation but it has been recommended by professional hair stylers as they also have advanced and efficient features. If you’re one of those who have come across this brand and are trying to choose a hair straightener against the Ghd, this guide should help you have a better look at their strengths and flaws. They range in almost the same price. Ultimately, your type of hair should be the biggest consideration when deciding which features, offered by either brand, are the most important.

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  • Ghd Stylers

    Leg us first take a look at the major benefits of owning a Ghd. What are its best features that are not often offered in other products?

    First of all, it is really the professional design that makes it quite stand out from the rest. T3 and other products look really nice and cute, but the ghds have this chic elegance that make them suitable for salons. Not that it would make the performance significantly better, but if you want something that looks impressive, you might prefer the ghd more.

  • Barrel Design

    Aside from being stylish, ghd stylers are designed with a barrel shaped housing which makes it efficient in making curls or fine waves and flips. So if you’re also fond of curling your hair, this will work wonders. The absence of the sharp edges make it easier to get the hair to shape up.

  • Automatic Temperature Adjustment

    This can either be a pro or a con for users, depending on your preference and hair type. Ghd stylers rarely have temperature control settings. The good thing about this is, it adjusts the temperature on its own. It has an advanced mechanism installed which would increase or decrease the heat depending on the type of hair the plates come in contact with. If the strands are coarser and thicker, as recognized by the met plates, the unit will increase the heat to straighten hair faster. The problem with this is it is not always accurate. So if you’re very particular about the heat settings, you might not want a ghd.

  • Ceramic Plates

    Most ghd flat irons and curlers use ceramic heaters which distribute heat evenly so they don’t damage the hair. They also run smoothly and don’t stick or get tangled up.

    Those are the most important things to note about ghd stylers. It is also worth mentioning that they offer limited edition designs every year.

  • T3 Hair Straighteners

    The T3 models also have an elegant, professional design. They come in mostly black or white, but other colors are offered in some series. Here are one of its advanced features.

  • Wider Plates

    Although the advisable size or width of the iron plates are really relative, depending on your hair, its length, and your preference, a wider plate is an advantage in itself because you get to do less passes. This is more ideal if you have thicker coarse hair as opposed to the Ghd which are slimmer. It will also be efficient for long hair.

  • Adjustable Temperature

    One thing it has that makes it competitive with Ghd stylers is the automatic temperature adjustment. This is rarely featured in other brands. It has a microchip installed which constantly measures and adjusts the temperature of the plates, based on the thickness and texture of the hair it comes in contact with, for accurate, consistent heating while styling.

  • Auto World Voltage

    Another intuitive feature is the automatic voltage switching, which adjusts the voltage based on the outlet you plug the unit to. This is very handy if you travel a lot so you do t have to worry about bringing adapters and the hassle of even having to hint about the right adapter.


As you may notice, both brands have pretty intuitive and automatic features. If you think you want more control on the heat and other settings on your hair straightener, another brand may be more appropriate for you. The main difference is that the T3 is obviously more preferable for those who have thicker and longer hair.

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