Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker Review



This is the age of smart technology. Everything from PC to mobile is smart. Slow cooker is no exception. There are various cookers who sense when the meal is cooked and set to warm mode. Hamilton beach 33969A is one of these breed. It’s a set and forgets feature, comprising of three modes, allows user to cook when they want to and eat when they want to.

Important Features and Specs

The features of Hamilton Beach slow cooker are mentioned below for helping you in taking buying decision wisely.

  • Self-Cooking

    This is the selling point of this product. This product is like an angel for someone who wants a dinner at night after working all day long. No need to work in double shift anymore. Take out the conventional slow cookers, take 33969A and let it cook for you while you are busy in your work. Its auto cooking mechanism works on three modes.

    First one is program mode. Throw all ingredients in the morning, set it program mode, go to work, come back home and a fresh dinner awaits you to eat. Its intelligence shifts to warm temperature after realizing the food is cooked. The second one is probe mode. There is a get together and you want to cook a roast? Work with probe mode and get it fast and fresh as it turns warm when meal is cooked to its perfection. Last one is manual mode. It is for those who get in mode to cook the old fashioned way.

  • Portable

    The glass lids secure tightly sealed feature complemented with lock clip does not allow any spill to come out. Your garments and your car seat, both are saved. You can take your slow cooker without any worry of spills and messes around.

  • Convenient To Use

    You can always see the temperature of your food in the control panel which assures you everything is in your control.

  • Large Capacity

    You can cook a four pounds roast or a six pounds chicken with the capacity 6 quart crock.


    It takes easiness to one more level by providing stoneware which is removable. The stoneware and lid is also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze. Cleaning the base is also very easy. Just unplug the cooker, give time to cool and scrub it with a wash cloth. Keep the base, cord, and plug away from water.


  • Get free from the mess of spills with the help of its clip locked sealed lid
  • Automatic cooking with three smart options to choose from
  • Large capacity
  • See the temperature in control panel with thermometer probe
  • The handles provide complete grip to carry the cooker around


  • There is a danger of breaking of insert, made of ceramic, when bumped or dropped mistakenly against sink.
  • Regardless of being empty or full, the slow cooker is too much weighed which is not feasible for everyone.
  • You cannot detach the cord of power. Its length is only 24inches, for safety purpose of course.
  • Also, the wire clips might come in between when you are cooking the food which is very irritating.
  • Also, the opening and closing of the clips is reported to be a problematic phase.
  • There is a danger that the digital display can fade away during the course of time. They can also stop working as well.


Who Should Buy

It is an ideal cooker if your routine is something in which you need the food to cook slowly. You can easily set the timer and be assured nothing will burn when you return in night from your tough day work. The cooker smart technology shifts to warm temperature on its own once the meal is cooked. If you are not fond of cooking, then you can use it and cook faster and on fewer occasions.

With the 6 quart capacity, you can cook the food, eat some from it and freeze it for later use. The progress can easily be monitored through the probe hole and you do not even need to remove the lid. The cleaning is also very quick. No sticking on surface as the cooking is done perfectly. The easy and user friendly programming makes it easy even for non tech people to use is with a touch. So whether you are a new inexperience cooker or a professional chef, it is ideal for you.


So, it is an ideal cooker who regardless of his / her tight schedule needs a fresh cooked in home dinner. The technological advancement has made it enable to make the both ends meet. You do not need the conventional slow cooker anymore.

You can cook easily, clean easily and even carry it hassle free. It is an all-purpose slow cooker which not only makes cooking easy but also you will have more leisure time to enjoy and relax and at the same time enjoy the perfect meal cooked in Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker.