Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay Or Go Slow Cooker Review



Hamilton Beach brands, founded in 1910, have been one of the most trusted and leading home and commercial appliances brands. Its products are popular in not only the markets of USA but also all over the globe.

They have made a niche for themselves with their new and innovative designs and today almost every kitchen in America has one of their products. With their 7 quart stay or slow cooker they have invented a crock pot that not only has room for a large quantity of food but also allows you to adjust the heat settings and let the cooker do the rest of the work for you!

Features and Specifications

Hamilton Beach 7 has following features.

  • 7 Quart Pot

    This cooking pot is of the quantity of 7 quart that can easily house a 7 lb chicken meat in it. This makes it perfect for family feasts or dinner parties because you can just put your ingredients in one pot, plug it on, adjust the heat settings to high or low and leave it to slowly cook to produce that juicy tender r piece of meat that you and your family loves.

    This makes it the perfect one pot cooking appliance as you will not need many other utensils to cook one thing and you will have your stove and the rest of your countertop free for making the other recipes that you want.

  • Detachable Lids

    These lids are detachable so you can serve your food without them in the pot or you can clip them in an upright position and they won’t fall down. They have a single clip that attaches the lid to the base and in this way secures the food inside the pot avoiding any leakage or spills. This way you can carry your pot anywhere you want, to a party or to your family picnic without worrying for the food to mess your car or your clothes.

  • Perfect for Storage

    You must be thinking that if they have such a large capacity then they will require a large part of storage in your kitchen too. But this is not the case. You can easily store this innovative appliance due to its clip on handles. You fold them down and this makes it very easy to store them anywhere you want without requiring much side space like most appliances do.

  • Easy To Wipe, Easy To Clean

    The appliance is dishwasher friendly. So whether your pop the appliance in your dishwasher or you clean it manually, it rolls anyway. The unit has to be wiped by a clean moist cloth and it’s ready to be used the next time.

  • Good Customer Care

    Hamilton beach has had been very popular in this respect that they are available to all their customers worldwide 24 hours. So you can get all of your problems solved anywhere and anytime you need by just dialing their number.

    This appliance comes with a one year warranty so in this way you can easily get it repaired if anything happens within one year. Also the manual given is easy to read and has a range of instructions and FAQs that will answer your queries and help you understand the functionality of the gadget.

  • Heat Settings

    The heat settings of the slow cooker are either high or low. There is no medium temperature setting. And there is no timer too. So you will have to keep track of the time in order to have your dish to cook perfectly. So don’t forget about your that chicken or that stew that you just left in the slow cooker and keep an eye out for the timer yourself.

    Also when the cooking is complete you will have to manually turn the warm setting on to keep the food nice and hot and ready to eat rather than turn cold and loose its flavor.


  • Travel friendly
  • Large size
  • Good customer care
  • Reader friendly manual
  • Inexpensive
  • Good for big dinners and gatherings
  • Folding handles make it easier to store


  • Warm settings is not automatic
  • No timer setting so you will have to keep an eye yourself.

Who Should Buy

For those of you who want to house a big party but are on a budget then this slow cooker is the perfect choice for you since it is large, rooms a lot of ingredients, and all that without causing a dent in your pocket. It is travel friendly too so you can take it with you anywhere you want and it is storage friendly as well so you can keep in your kitchen slab without requiring a lot of space.


Hamilton Beach new slow cooker is an ideal choice for those who love to cook on slow cooker and spend more time with their family and friends. Although you will have to set a timer yourself and manually change it to warm mode when the cooking is done but its travel friendly, easy to use, easy to clean, less storage requirement and inexpensive features makes it a clear standout.

Above all, the best and the most delicious end results are always ensured.