What Does Heat Damaged Hair Look Like


If you’re worried about heat damage on your hair, we can help you out. You can actually determine if your strands are indeed damaged by high temperatures. Now, before you jump into conclusions, let’s find out – what does heat damaged hair look like?

Hair damaged by heat is thinner than usual

Improper use of hot tools may lead to severe hair loss. If you spot a lot of fallen strands above your shower drain, then there’s a big chance of heat damage on your hair.

If you have extremely thin hair, it would be unflattering for you to sportĀ an updo. Your scalp will easily show underneath your hair. People will also see your bald spots.

Frizzy hair is a common result of heat damage

Of course, let’s not forget about frizz. Frizzy hair tends to be extremely dry with lots of split ends. It also tangles up so easily, resulting in more falling hair.

Although, when you think about it, split ends are actually common. They naturally exist because of constant hair growth. Don’t worry; they will need months to dominate your tips.

However, once you notice that your split ends multiply rapidly in just a few weeks, then that’s a possible result of heat damage.

Heat-damaged hair looks so dull

When you wash and comb healthy hair, it remains shiny while still wet. As a plus, when you use the right shampoo, the gorgeous shine will last for hours.

With heat-damaged hair, however, it easily loses its luster before it gets dry. The solution for this is to avoid hot tools for a while and use an effective moisturizer every day.

In Conclusion

What does heat damaged hair look like?

If you have frizzy thin hair that lacks shine, then you can conclude that your hot tools have damaged your strands. What’s left for you to do is improve your hair care routine and skip hot tools temporarily.