Is It Safe to Heat Plastic Baby Bottles


Newborn babies have immature digestive tracts and immune system which make them vulnerable to a lot of harmful bacteria. This is one good reason why you should always sterilize your baby’s feeding bottles. In doing that, however, you probably have one question a lot of moms have: Is it safe to heat plastic baby bottles?

Heating plastic bottles can release harmful chemicals

Some baby bottles contain Bisphenol A or BPA. It’s an environmental estrogen which has a way of messing up one’s endocrine system. When those bottles are exposed to boiling water, they have the potential to release BPA 55 times faster than being submerged in hot water. That can be really bad for your baby.

And that’s not the only bad thing about heating plastic baby bottles.

You see, if you place your bottles in a large pot of boiling water, it can cause the plastic bottles to melt or crack, particularly if they aren’t designed to withstand such level of heat.

So, instead of using plastic bottles, choose baby bottles made of glass or even stainless steel. If you really need to warm your baby’s plastic bottle, place it in a bowl of warm water instead of boiling it. You can also purchase bottle warmers.

To keep your bottles clean, you can consider investing in a good baby bottle sterilizer.