High Chair Age Limit: What You Need to Know


If your child’s high chair is taking up too much space in your room, you’re probably wondering when you can finally ditch it. Well, there’s really no high chair age limit but there are a couple of factors that’ll determine when your baby can transition to a proper chair.

Below are some of the factors:

Your child starts to get hysterical whenever he’s in a high chair

As your child becomes more independent, he’ll find a high chair too restrictive and he’ll likely get hysterical whenever you place him in one.

Your child can follow rules

This is really important when transitioning. Before you make the switch, you have to know how well your child can follow instructions. Be sure that he knows that a chair isn’t for standing, lying on, rocking or playing. Additionally, you have to teach your kids to remain seated whenever he’s at the table.

Your child consistently escapes his chair

Once your child knows how to unbuckle himself and escape his chair, his safety should be a priority. Don’t put him in his high chair, particularly if you aren’t there to supervise.

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