Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier Review



Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE is a compact 70 pint portable dehumidifier that is engineered to remove dampness from the atmosphere of your home. The appliance ensures that the ideal humidity percentage is restored in your home. This is an energy star rated dehumidifier; therefore, it is energy efficient and it contributes positively towards the prevention of climate change.

This appliance is made to exceed all your expectations in all weather conditions, up to 41°F. Apart from being portable and easy to use, the unit is equipped with the most preferred dehumidification features, making it ideal for compact storage spaces and conveniently sized rooms.

Important Features and Specs

Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE maintains the ideal moisture percentage in your room or compact storage spaces. This portable dehumidifier gets rid of up to 70 pints of humidity per twenty four hours in space size of up to 1,500 square feet. This high performing dehumidifier is compact, but packed with features that make this appliance highly resourceful and versatile for you to use.

The dehumidifier is designed to operate at temperatures as low as 38°F, and it is incorporated with auto de-icing functionality, making the unit suitable for crawl space environments. The unit is installed with a top washable air filter, which helps you avoid the need of incurring filter replacement cost, since you can easily access the filter and wash it for fresher and cleaner dehumidification.

The device is integrated with electronic control panel, which makes it easier to control the humidity percentage in your desired space by making the necessary adjustments on settings. The control panel has control buttons, which are conveniently laid out with the humidity digital display in the middle. The power, timer, mode, and fan are laid out horizontally for convenience. The dehumidifier is programmed with three operating modes, including manual, continuous and auto dry modes.

The unit is equipped with a reliable drainage option, which pumps water upwards effectively, for continuous drainage of your room window or into a sink through the use of a standard garden hose. The unit is also installed with full-tank alert and auto shutoff, which switches off the appliance when the tank capacity is exhausted.

Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE weighs 51.6 pounds and it measures 11.4 by 15 by 24.7 inches. The appliance brand is EdgeStar. The unit dehumidification capacity is 70 pints per day. The recommended space coverage is 1,500 square feet. The unit has electronic controls and adjustable humidistat. It has low temperature operation with minimum temperature of 38°F, in manual mode. The dehumidifier has two fan speeds for convenient operation.

The unit has power cord storage, and caster wheels, which makes it easier to move and reposition the dehumidifier. The appliance has indicator light, which signals you when the tank capacity is exhausted. In addition, it has a programmable twenty four-hour on/off timer, and a full tank alert and shutoff.


  • Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE provides you with low temperature operation; while temperatures less than 65°F unfavorably interfere with the operation of other dehumidifiers; this model is fully functional even at temperatures as low as 38°F.
  • Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE electronic controls are easy to manage, since they are well-positioned. The humidity digital display is at the middle with addition and subtraction signs located on the right for adding and reducing the humidity level.
  • Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE provides you with state-of-the-art performance. The appliance will exceed your expectations. The setup is easy; all you need to do is set it to your desired humidity and let it get rid of the excess moisture from the atmosphere of your home.


  • Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE provides you with continuous drainage option; however, the standard garden hose needed for the operation is not included.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE in order to start experiencing the cleaner, fresher air. The dehumidifier does its job right, regardless of the place you choose to dehumidify. For starters, this is an exceptional appliance, since it comes with washable filter and electronic controls.

Therefore, you do not have to suffer filter replacement cost, because you can always remove it clean and reinstall it for improved dehumidification. This is the correct model to buy for dehumidifying a space of 1,500 square feet. This unit will do much more than just getting rid of excess humidity; it will also eradicate molds and mildew.


Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE is a four-star energy star rated dehumidifier, which you can secure at an affordable price. The dehumidifier’s entire design is engineered to make certain that your room’s dehumidification is always perfect. The exterior material and structure of this dehumidifier ensures that it is durable and high performing.

The dehumidifier’s weight does not prevent you from repositioning it, because you can simply move it by use of its casters. Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE will provide you with whisper quiet operation. In addition, you will notice changes in the humidity levels within the shortest time possible, as long as you set the percentage appropriately.