Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review



Hitachi C10FCE2 ten-inch compound miter saw is a modern compound unit that can tilt as well as pivot its blade. It incorporates new technology that permits more accurate cuts. The unit’s design increases cutting capacities. This unit is equipped with a carbide blade.

This miter saw can be employed in different work designs, including hardboards, hardwood, plywood, aluminum fiberboards, wood, softwood, and sashes. The unit’s design incorporates a flexible miter for adjusting angles. The angles are useful in creating intricate cuts. The flexible miter can also be used to make an adjustable bevel angle. Generally, this miter saw is designed to initiate perfect cuts.

Important Features and Specs

This miter saw is made of a sleek design that provides precision bevel of the edges, and crosscuts in different work pieces. The unit has flexible miter angles as well as compound cutting capability for providing versatility.

The miter saw is incorporated with thumb-actuated positive miter stops, which allow you to make simple adjustments between 0° and 52°. This makes it easy for you to change the cutting blade angle for creating miters in different trim pieces.

The unit is equipped with ten-inch tungsten carbide tooth saw blade. This particular blade makes it possible as well as easy to work on gentle trim, along with other woodwork.

The unit’s large extended flip fence conveniently rises to four inches, providing precision cutting of large work pieces, including 2-5/16 inches as well as 5-21/32 inches. This miter saw operates at negligible vibration when powered on; hence the most ideal unit for desirable to work with.

This is mainly promoted by the anti-vibration handle. This is ideal equipment for cutting hard pieces. The 15-amp motor included in the machine’s design is particularly meant for handling tough cutting jobs.

The unit’s ability to operate at 5,000 RPM makes it easy and comfortable to come up with miters as well as crosscuts. This miter saw is also installed with a dust collector, which helps in reducing the accumulation of dust as well as particles at your work place and the machine’s interior. This ensures that you always work in a clean environment, and also increase the lifespan of the unit.

The unit’s part number is C10FCE2, and it is large in size and its design color is green. This miter saw weighs 35.9 pounds, and its design dimensions are 23 by 19.1 by 16.1 inches. The unit’s power source is corded electricity, and it uses a voltage of 120.

The included component in the item package is a stand for easier handling of the device. It is equipped with a 15-amp motor with the ability of generating up to 5,000 RPM. The unit’s package also includes hex bar wrench, vice assembly, box wrench, dust bag, ten-inch 24-tooth TCT saw blade, and extended fence.


  • Zero vibration when switched on; the comfortable horizontal handle is installed with a vibration reducing elastomer grip, which ensures that you control the unit at all times.
  • The miter saw is highly user-friendly; its 15-amp motor produces up to 5,000 RPM for creating miters and crosscuts with ease, no matter how tough the cutting job is.
  • Easy to clean and maintain; the unit is incorporated with a dust collector that reduces the pilling up of dust as well as particles at the workspace and the interior of the machine.
  • The miter saw provides precision cutting; the unit delivers standard basic cutting accuracy, and the cuts made are repeatable. The unit does not require the assistance of a laser guide.


  • There are chances that the fence may bend when operating the miter saw after a few rounds of use, and you will be forced to incur replacement cost.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this miter saw if you are after great quality and if you are after a unit that cuts smoothly and it is comfortable to use, even with the toughest of cutting jobs. Hitachi C10FCE2 is the ideal tool for cutting trim boards, and you can conveniently use it as a chop saw as far as cutting 2 x 6’s are concerned, since the miter saw does not bog down when used to cut larger stocks. This unit is well packed with features that are aimed at providing you with the best cutting experience. The miter saw is quiet when turned ON, and it is also vibration-free.


This four-star miter saw is what you should look for in the market. The unit provides precision cutting, both with easy cutting jobs and tough cutting jobs.

It is user-friendly in nature, and it is installed with positive outcome features, including carbide blade, 5,000 RPM no-load speed for making miters and crosscuts, large pivoting fence, and convenient bevel and miter angle adjustments. This miter saw will provide you with standard basic accuracy at an affordable price. With that said you should stop researching on other miter saws and consider buying this one; if you are really serious about high quality and precision cutting.