Hitachi C12RSH 15-Amp 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review



Hitachi C12RSH is a modern twelve-inch sliding compound miter saw that does everything right. In addition, it runs on a resourceful sliding carriage that allows you to cut wide boards of up to 12 inches wide. This miter saw is inexpensive, and all of its features are reliable.

Two things are really important with this tool. Firstly, it has a 12-inch TCT saw blade that is capable of making clean finish cuts. Secondly, this miter saw is easy to adjust; the miter scale ranges from 0° to 46° left, and 0° to 57° right. The unit’s compact system needs zero clearance, and the installed laser guide provides precision cuts.

Important Features and Specs

Hitachi C12RSH is installed with high quality laser making technology. The laser system can effectively be activated before the saw’s blade starts moving, in order to exact alignment and predict blade placement. The laser guide is user-friendly, given the fact that you can conveniently adjust it to the right or left of the cutting mark. All you need to do is align the laser guide with the cut mark on your workpiece, and the blade will make a precise cut.

The unit’s compact sliding system is built in such a way that it needs zero clearance. The incorporated fixed rail system makes it possible for the tool’s head to move effortlessly along the twin rails. This provides you with a sliding miter saw that is not only compound, but one that can be used on a small work area that has zero rear clearance. The miter saw is designed to be highly user-friendly in every regard.

Its miter scale ranges from 0° to 46° to the left, and 0° to 57° to the right. In addition, it is integrated with a micro-miter knob for conveniently dialing in accurate angles. You can certainly change the cutting blade angle for making miters in crown molding through the positive miter stops. On the other hand, the saw’s bevel scale ranges between 0° and 45° to both left and right.

This makes it possible for your work piece to maintain its current position while you flip the head to create opposing cuts. Additionally, the tool is incorporated with a micro-bevel knob for adjusting the bevel angle. The twelve-inch TCT blade allows you to conveniently work on delicate cuts. The miter saw is also equipped with a heavy duty pivoting fence that rises up to 4-11/16 inches; hence allowing you to make precise vertical cuts of crown molding, along with other cutting jobs.Hitachi C12RSH measures 36.6 by 23.4 by 28 inches, and it weigh 81 pounds, making it solid and sturdy. The miter saw’s power source is corded electricity, and its family color is green and silver.

The diameter of the saw’s blade is 12 inches, and its voltage rating is 120 volts while its amperage is 15 amps. The miter saw has a maximum cutting capacity of 12.3 inches. The saw’s 15-amp motor produces a no load speed of up to 3,800 rpm. The miter saw is equipped with an electric brake, spindle lock, and quick release vise. The included miter stops are located at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45°. The miter saw is installed with a jet exclusive laser marker for alignment and precise cuts.


  • The miter saw has a compact slide system that needs zero clearance; the sliding head makes it possible for you to operate the saw on a small working area with a minimal rear clearance.
  • The miter saw is integrated with jet exclusive laser making technology, for alignment and creating precise cuts.
  • The unit’s compound feature guarantees precise miters as well as bevels. It is equipped with miter scale ranging from 0° to 46° left and 0° to 57° right.


  • The miter saw weighs 81 pounds; hence it is not ultraportable and convenient to transport from one work surface to another.

Who Should Buy

This miter saw is an ideal choice for a professional woodworker. You can purchase this cutting gear to use it in different cutting jobs; particularly, those that are of importance to you, such as cutting stair skirt-boards. This model is also resourceful for remodeling contractors. The unit cuts precise miters. The installed 15-amp powerful motor produces more than enough power to cut through almost any cutting job. Generally, this is the kind of sliding compound miter saw that successfully fulfills the expectations of the user.


Hitachi C12RSH is everything that you need as far as cutting jobs are concerned. The tool provides you with smooth-working, easy-to-use miter as well as bevel adjustments and a sliding head that moves smoothly without play. This unit provides you with stops that click firmly at convenient angles. With that said, there are more than enough reasons for you to engage this unit. You need not to search the market anymore for the perfect miter saw, since C12RSH is what you need for your precise miter and bevel cuts.