Quick Home Cleaning Tips for Working Women


We want to see our homes neat and clean but at the same time, we are not interested in doing many efforts to make them clean. But what would be the solution to this problem? The main thing that you must remind us to make a habit of cleaning your home on regular basis. That will require less effort to clean the home for next time. However, there are a few cleaning suggestions by which you can make your home ideal for a living:

Start with Kitchen As it Requires Maximum Time

It is best to start your work with the kitchen. There is a lot of work to do in the kitchens but if you wisely do your tasks then it will be easier for you to maintain the cleanliness level. Like if your sink is too dirty and spotted, then you can use a detergent to wash it. The spots can be removed by using a piece of lemon. Make your habit to clean the kitchen twice a month and remove all its spots. That will be easier for you to clean the kitchen regularly and will require less effort.

Wash the Sink Daily

Sinks are the main place in kitchens for washing of utensils. So these get spotted very easily and they are sometimes unhygienic too. But we know that we use these sinks to wash our cookware so it is important to properly clean them. If you see the spots in your sink then it is ideal to wash it with a perfect sink cleaner to remove the strains. There are lots of disinfectants in the market that can be used for cleaning purpose. But you can also go for an option to make your own disinfectant at home. For that purpose, you only need to clean your sink and after that spraying vinegar on it. After that spray hydrogen peroxide, and in this way, you will make your sink germs free.

Wash Kitchen Towel on Regular Basis

If you are using a kitchen towel then it is best to wash it on regular basis in order to make it germ-free. But you can also go for an option to buy a microfiber cloth. This cloth is cheap to buy and easily washable. You can use this cloth to clean your shelves, stoves, refrigerators, and tiles. You will not require any other product for cleaning purposes while using it.

Clean the Oven Daily

Our ovens require regular cleaning. If you have spotted oven with burnt pieces of food items then it is better to clean it with warm water and detergent. That will remove the spots. If you will clean your oven after every baking then it will be easier for you to clean it for next time. You only need to use a cloth for the next time to clean it and in this way, it will save your time.

Empty The Dustbins At Least Once a Day

It is better to empty the dustbins before going into the bed. If you have kids in the home, then after changing their nappies for the night, throw the used ones into dustbins. Empty these dustbins that have the litter and the garbage of the entire house. That will prevent the mosquitoes and the flies from spreading.

Make the Bathroom Shine

If your washroom is not cleaned properly then it will show your laziness and lack of interest in cleanliness. So it is very important to keep your washrooms cleans. Never leave your washrooms spotted, whenever you find a spot or dust in your washroom, clean it properly. It will prevent the spots from hardening and will make you able to clean it easily.

Apply Vinegar Mixture Once A Month

If you have spotted sinks, flushes, and floors in the house, then it is ideal to make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Apply this mixture on these areas of your house. Leave it for few minutes and wash it. There will be no marks left behind. In this way, it will save your time to clean them for the next time.

Clean the Bathroom at The End Of The Day

It is also ideal to clean the washrooms at the end of the day. Because at the end of the day you usually do not use the washrooms and secondly you can also spray a mosquito repellent in order to prevent them.

Choose the Right Broom

Choose the soft brooms in order to clean the tiles inside the house and use the hard broom with stiff fibers. to clean the exterior of the house which usually has hard pathways and garden.

Get Rid Of the Things You Don’t Use Anymore

In every house there are plenty of rough and useless items, you do not need to store them. Either you can use them to make the useful products or throw them away, but never create a mess of these things.


Remember that most of the tasks require only 10-15 minutes so try completing them within this time. If you will clean your house on regular basis then it will be calmer for you to maintain the cleanliness. Secondly, after completion of the cleaning of the house, go corner to corner to make sure that there is no other task left behind.