7 Creative Home Decorating Tips


Nowadays, life is full of stress. Your home is one place whose interior should be designed in such a way that it should support and cherish you. You shouldn’t feel fatigued when entering your house rather it should give you a peaceful feeling. In order to develop a home which would give you a happy feeling, you should be creative to change your home. Decorating your house isn’t about buying too many accessories; it’s about clearing space and then do what you want to do. We’re sharing seven best creative home decorating tips to give life to your house and make it elegant on a very low or, sometimes, no cost at all.

1. Organize Your Bookshelf for Giving a Neat Look to Room

Firstly, organize your bookshelf so that it gives an appealing look to the room. The question is, “How to do that?” Start with the books whose covers are hard. Distribute them in descending order across all shelves i.e. tallest books followed by shortest. The extra tall books need to be lying off on the shelf so it prevents other books to fall. Now is the turn to add some creativity like framed pictures and pottery but only to two or three shelves. Putting them on all shelves creates disorder. Sum up the useless DVDs, books, and novels on boxes or small cartons or archive them somewhere else. Let some spaces be left on each shelf. This view looks peaceful.

2. Tables-capes Uniquely Arranged

Draw some small cameos on tables. Keep some objects to remember some good time in the past on furniture. Remember, the objects should be eye-catching. If you’re not able to observe them, then it means something needs to be changed. The best way is to keep multiple objects, having some similarity, together. A single item often gets neglected by the Brain. Also, load up the items at different heights with the help of stools or/and books. You can also employ a pretty tray to place the items together at a similar height to give the look of a collection.

3. Go Green by Placing Plants, Tree Branches etc. in Your Living or Guest Room

You can use the easily available objects from nature for free to decorate your home. These items can be found on your house’s backyard and you can take it from the beach when you’re on vacation. The items include, but are not limited to, pieces of wood, rocks of the river, stones, pebbles, shells, a nest of the bird, tree branches entangled together, soft plants, nuts etc. You can put them in a display box having fluorescent lights, on a mantel or a rug, make them bookends, put them on side tables, incline them on the corners of the wall etc. Imagine how calm and composed this all would look.

4. Small Items Can Bring Huge Change

Buy a painting, wall hangings, a new clock and decoration pieces for different parts of the home just to give it new look. If you like glass painting then you may paint a mirror and hang it in the entrance. Interchanging items of different rooms also give a different and exceptional look. An object of a use becomes a decorating object. It looks funny as well and makes you think and laugh at it. You can take the large tray from your kitchen and use it as a hanging piece for your TV lounge. Use embellished teacups to put cotton balls and soaps in your bathroom. The tablecloths can be placed over the window panels as dressings for windows.

5. Create Unique Gallery in All Rooms

Same as you did for tables-capes; you can hang photos or objects to give a singular theme. Each room’s gallery can also be related to that room’s activity. Whatever it is, use what makes you delighted. For example, you can hang your kitchen tools and utensils like frying pan beat on the kitchen wall. In the same way, you can paste the wishing cards you receive occasionally on the walls of your room for giving a unique touch. Placing a photo frame on a side table or posting photos on walls is also a great idea.

6. Use Holiday Decor Items throughout the Year

Get the holiday decor items out of their closet and use it throughout the year. You can decorate your Christmas tree with different season themes. Make it red at Valentine, dress it up with pumpkins on Halloween, have some light brown leaves for the autumn season, beautify them with cards on different occasions like Father’s day, Mother’s day etc. After Easter, you can take its basket to keep fruits on your table.

7. Accessories can be Rotated and Rearranged to Bring Change

A person gets bored seeing something at the same place for a very long time. Most people replace that item with anything else and through that item out. Creative people archive them and after some time, take it out again. Or sometimes to be more economical, they swap the items like changing lamps from first room to second room. You can combine two small desks together or bring some backyard chairs in your living room. There also other small furniture which can be interchanged. The same things with different positions totally a different and new look to your room.


The tips shared with you are not very expensive to implement yet they are very profound. They can easily be done with a little smart and creative work. For some people, a house is a home regardless of how much disorganized and clutter it is. They don’t realize how much exhaustion it adds up in their life. Implementing creative ideas is what makes your house a home and you like living there and later on, it becomes among the best parts of your life.