Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House 3 Stage Water Filtration System Review



Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is a massive filter system with one-inch ports for the solidest water pressure of up to fifteen gallons per minute. The system uses multi-gradient density replaceable filter to produce better-quality filtration, along with grander dirt holding capacity. Basically, the filtration can go as low as one micron. This particular model is engineered to produce first-rate purification of up to 95% of the following water contaminants, including chemicals, sediments, manganese, and iron. The unit has conveniently oversized filters, which effectively improve the flow rate and at the same time reduce maintenance frequency.

Important Features and Specs

The system works best on well water, tap water and up to three ppm combined water contaminant load. The whole house filter is designed to get rid of the following water contaminants: herbicides, pesticides, sulfur smell, manganese, iron, turbidity, and sediment. This unit is mainly engineered to provide you with cleaner, fresher, healthier water to each and every faucet in your house without lowering down water pressure. Basically, the system is made with your comfort as well as convenience in check.

A feature unique to this model is that it is installed with oversized filters, fittings and housings. The installations are included to make certain that your water pressure never falls. Larger housings correspond to large filters, which need less frequent service.

This will most definitely save you time, inconvenience and money. The system’s first stage is characterized by multi-gradient depth polypropylene-sediment filter, along with the following: five micron layer, ten micron layer, and one micro inner core. The first stage filter is normally structured for purity with chemical and bacterial resistance. The second stage filter is defined by radial flow reduction filter for iron, sulfur and manganese reduction.

The second stage basically minimizes the possibility of water heater and pipe damage. The third stage filter, on the other hand, is characterized by granular activated coconut shell carbon. This stage provides enhanced carbon contact time for uncontaminated water. This home master filter system is designed to offer excellent purification with the ability of removing up to 95% of water contaminants.

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC dimensions are 24 by 9 by 25 inches, and it weighs 48 pounds. The system item package quantity is one and its product color is blue. The unit’s maximum feed water pressure is 90 psi and its minimum feed water pressure is 20 psi. The system has a maximum feed water temperature of 100°F and a minimum feed water temperature of 40°F.

The unit has a maximum filtered water flow of 15 gallons per minute. The system has a maximum of three filtration stages, and whole house water filtration. The water filtration technology used by this model is carbon. The filtration method used is carbon spun fiber, and has a threaded fitting style.


  • Three-stage filtration provides maximum purification for your drinking as well as cooking water. The water quality provided by the system is exceptional, and it consumes very little space when compared to other systems in the market.
  • The system is a whole house water filter system, which allows you to access cleaner, fresher, healthier water from various locations in your house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. Despite the fact that it is a whole house filter, the water quality is similar to that of bottled water.
  • The system is a solid product and highly user friendly. You will experience no difficulties with the installation; basically, the spacing of the installing bracket will align perfectly with your wall studs. The perfect installation makes the system long-lasting and reliable.
  • The system’s multi-gradient density sediment filter is replaceable and produces grander purification, and greater dirt holding capability of up to one micron.


  • You need to be extremely careful with the installation, otherwise you might experience an expensive disappointment.

Who Should Buy

You should purchase and install this unit if the taste of your tap or well water is bad. In fact, the probability of tap water and well water having contaminants is high. Therefore, Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is the most ideal unit to engage for the best purification and filtration. You should choose this product because it will do for you exactly what it is intended to do with negligible or no problems.


Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is a four star water filter system that is engineered to protect you against water contaminants. You do not have to put this system through a series of tests before using it, since its performance is guaranteed. The unit is installed with a good number of great features that are tailored towards providing you with cleaner, fresher, as well as healthier water.

The system is user friendly and economical. Apart from it being easy to install, you will receive conveniently long service duration before you can possibly think of filter change. . This is the kind of water filter system that will surpass your water filtration and purification goals.