Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Under-sink Reverse Osmosis System Review



Home master TMAFC is an ideal RO system; it has a groundbreaking design that solves most problems that are directly linked to conventional systems. The system is engineered to provide you with pure water right from your kitchen. The unit is incorporated with seven stages of filtration, which produce highly pure water.

The filtration stages are enhanced to get rid of up to 98% of chemicals, such as chlorine and chloramine. The system purifies water for great taste. The system is integrated with patented full contact technology that adds magnesium and calcium twice during the filtration and purification process. This system will always surpass your filtration expectation.

Important Features and Specs

This system provides you with better water purification solutions than any other system in the market. The unit has a state-of-the-art design that gets rid of a wide range of water contamination problems. The system has a grander performance that has successfully made it the leading RO system. The unit uses seven stages of filtration. The stages are enhanced to remove up to 98% of pharmaceuticals, chlorine, dissolved solids, heavy metals and chloramines.

The system utilizes great carbon filtration media situated in the carbon pre-filters to purify the untiring chemical disinfectant chloramine. Unlike other systems, which uses conventional carbon filters that are unable to eliminate stubborn water contaminants; the catalytic carbon is the most advanced media.Most RO systems in the market are known to offer demineralized water, which is somewhat acidic.

However, Home Master TMAFC is designed to prevent the above occurrence. The system achieves this through its patented, full-contact re-mineralization system. The re-mineralization system effectively balances the pH levels of your water at two distinct points of the filtration/ purification process.The system has easy change filters; unlike customary RO system filters, changes need heavy equipment, along with brute force in order to loosen canisters sealed that is normally shut by the hardness of water contaminants.

This system on the other hand makes filter replacement easier than ever. This is so, due to the incorporated modular design; in addition to the push-in fittings that conveniently and effectively secure a quick filter change.

Home Master TMAFC measures 20 by 16 by 13, and it weighs 14.1 pounds, making it compact and easy to install. The system is installed with automatic shutoff, and its design color is white. The filtration method use by the system is reverse osmosis and has an included faucet.

The unit’s fitting style is push to connect. The system maximum feed water pressure is 100 psi, while its minimum feed water pressure is 40 psi. Its maximum feed water temperature is 100°F and its minimum feed water temperature is 40°F. The system water filtration type is under sink and it is installed with seven filtration stages.


  • The system is designed to produce clean as well as great tasting water. The seven filtration stages provides the much needed purification, which makes it possible to eliminate up to 98% of pharmaceuticals, dissolved solids, chlorine, and chloramines.
  • The system’s modular filter design, which is integrated into the filter housing, making annual filter replacements easy. This mechanism helps greatly in minimizing biofilm build up and microorganism.
  • The system kit is packed with all the possible tools you will need for simple and quick do it yourself installation. The unit normally comes with the most ideal fast flow RO kit. The kit makes use of tubing and high-flow gears and larger fittings.
  • The system provides you with quality and convenience as far as water filtration is concerned. The system is highly resourceful and versatile, given the fact you can make some few DIY adjustments.


  • If you are not careful with the installation, you might end up leaving loose connections, which may make the permeate pump produce a racket in the air gap.

Who Should Buy

This is a must water filter system for a family with children. You do not need to be a professional to be able to install the system. The system is also useful for getting rid of fluoride through reverse osmosis. As far as this system is concerned, you do not need to conduct any serious research about its features, since all the included features are tailored towards providing you with high quality water that tastes fresh and great. The elimination of fluoride from your water will help you relieve insomnia, and at the same time relax your body.


Your purchasing decision should always prioritize Home Master TMAFC. With the various RO systems at your disposal, this particular model from Home Master will provide you with the most ideal performance. This system can handle any hard water you subject to it; therefore, you do not have to worry about the taste of your coffee or tea or your drinking water. The system provides you with just the correct amount of mineral traces, which balance the pH levels of your water; hence enhancing the quality of your drinking as well as cooking water.