Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO Undersink Reverse Osmosis System, White Review



Home master TMULTRA ultra is a better reverse osmosis water filter system that is incorporated with an innovative design engineered to provide solutions for the commonest contaminations associated with conventional reverse osmosis systems. The system is installed with advanced filtration as well as purification stages for removing up to 98% of heavy metals, sediments and chemicals.

This unit is an ideal filtration system for well and tap water. This system has enduring and easy to change filters, which require you to make significant replacements annually or after every two thousand gallons. In addition, you are guaranteed a faster flow rate, which is twice as fast when compared to customary reverse osmosis systems.

Important Features and Specs

The system sleek design and technology will solve a large number of your water contamination problems; regardless of whether it is tap water or well water. The unit is refined and more advanced, since it is not easily attacked by iron from well water, and it does not allow microorganisms to exist in filtered water. This system is installed with an iron pre-filter, along with catalytic carbon and KDF85 media for removing hydrogen sulfide, manganese and iron.

These potential contaminants can easily destroy the reverse osmosis membrane if they are not eliminated.The system is equipped with all-in-one flexible filters, which enhance durability in addition to easier yearly system service; unlike the old-fashioned reverse osmosis systems, which use permanent canister filter housing that is normally exposed to continued high pressure.

The system filtration process is highly reliable, since it first strips the tap or well water clean by eliminating up to 98% of dissolved solids, chemicals, iron and heavy metals through reverse osmosis. After which, the water is channeled through UV light chamber to get rid of 99.999% of germs. The system is integrated with six filtration, sterilization and purification stages, which are exceptionally useful in generating cleaner and fresher water.

The system design is incorporated with state-of-the-art combination of flow restriction devices, which play an important role in managing pressure in the fifty gpd membrane for reduced wastewater making. Moreover, the system design is basically made up of up-to-the-minute NSF certified components for better performance.

Home Master TMULTRA weighs 14.2 pounds and it measures 20.1 by 16.4 by 12.3 inches. The system product color is white and it is powered by corded electricity. The unit is installed with automatic shutoff and has an included faucet. The filtration method used is reverse osmosis and its fitting style is push to connect.

The system comes with complete hardware and installation kit. Its maximum feed water pressure is 100 psi and its maximum feed water temperature is 100°F. On the other hand, its minimum feed water pressure is 40 psi and its minimum feed water temperature is 40°F. The unit’s maximum filtered water flow is one gallon per minute, and it has six filtration/ purification stages.


  • Home Master TMULTRA provides you with clean, fresh, great-tasting, healthy water; offered by the six stages of sterilization, purification and filtration. The system uses RO purification to get rid of up to 98% of dissolved solids, iron, chlorine, hydrogen, and chloramines.
  • The system modular filter design eliminates the problems associated with the canister filter housings found in traditional reverse osmosis systems. The modular filter structure prevents your system from getting worn-out by iron from well water.
  • Home Master TMULTRA has easy change filters, which do not need brute force and heavy tools to loosen. The easy change filters make it easy for annual replacements, and the replacements are always quick and perfect.
  • The system is engineered to use UV light technology, which is essentially useful in getting rid of microorganisms. Basically, UV light has proven to be more effective when compared to chlorine in reducing as well as eliminating water contaminants.


  • The system needs to be installed properly in order for it not to leak after a few weeks of usage; therefore, failure to follow the step-by-step installation process may cost you the whole system.

Who Should Buy

You should without a doubt buy Home Master TMULTRA if you are after a water filter system that uses the best water technologies. This is a convenient filter system to engage when you are interested in do-it-yourself systems. Unlike most traditional systems that may have performance and installation problems; this unit is particularly designed to ensure that you have an easy time during installation, and you are always provided with clean drinking and cooking water.


Home Master TMULTRA is; therefore, a high performance system that is worth every penny. This system will provide you with the most ideal operation at significantly low pressure without the need of booster pumps. This is a highly versatile unit since you can have it installed under your kitchen sink, and it will connect effectively to a different faucet in your sink and it will also connect to your refrigerator water supply. This is the kind of water filter system that will ensure your drinking/ cooking water is 99% contamination free.