Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC Review



Cleaners for household are made and sold for almost a century now. The old manufacturers exist till now know all the changing needs of its user. Hoover is one of them. It has more than 100 years of experience in designing cleaning equipment used from floor till ceiling. The newest product in their collection is Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner FH40160PC. You can clean a variety of hard floors. This includes marble, laminate, tile, vinyl and hardwood as well.

Their copyright technology of SpinScrub, special brushes, and the two tank system give a comfortable, effective and quiet cleaning. You can read the reviews from Amazon and you would be persuaded to buy one for your home.

Important Features and Specs

FH40160PC comes with two tanks. One is for clean water and one is for dirty tank. It is made so you can easily fill the clean water in one tank and take out the dirty water after cleaning from other tank. You just need to place the tank beneath your kitchen sink and it will fill up.

  • Lightweight

    Its weight is not even 14 pounds. Women in home can easily lift it, move it here. You can even take it on both directions of stairs.

  • Spin-Scrub

    The brushes installed in steam mop swivel counter clockwise for better washing and scrubbing of hard floors. Later on, you can remove the brushes and clean them.

  • Cleaning Agent

    It also gives cleaning agent called Clean Boost Control for heavy stains and footprint areas. SpinScrub technology washes and scrubs at the same time to take the most solid stains. Dual Tank Technology helps keep cleaning water and dirty water separate. Large capacity of 1.5 quart enables you to clean in fewer trips. The nozzle of 11.5” helps drying the surface by giving dual effect of suction and squeegee

  • Multi Floor Compatible

    Any hard floor you name and Hoover can clean it.

  • Wash/Dry Modes

    The two modes wash your surface and then dry them out. The wash mode cleans the floor and suctions the water. The dry mode then dries the floor.   It is unfortunately not a suitable product if you clean on weekly basis as the procedure is time consuming. The cord of 20 ft. is very short. Customer has to unplug and plug the mop several times. The cord is required to be at least 30 ft. long.

  • Warranty

    This steam mop comes with a limited warranty of 2 years which is a plus point.

    Accessories Included

    It gives two brushes, one for wood floor and other for grout and tile. It also provides cleaning detergent bottle of 16 ounces.


  • Clean Boost provides an excess cleaning on sturdy stain areas
  • Has a limited warranty of 2 years
  • Comes with brushes for wood floor and tile / grout floor.


  • The tanks in this model are tall and thin so user can not fill it in their bathroom sink.
  • After use, it leaves water drops on the surface until the mop completely dries

Who Should Buy

If you are periodic cleaner and clean your house once in a month but thoroughly then this steaming mop is for you. There would be no more crawling and staying down on your knees. Some consumers even call it the best hard floor cleaner. It is ideal if your kitchen floors get sticky and greasy.

It cleans the whole area in a flash. You do not need to force the mop over there with force. Just move it around and all stains will wipe off.It is even efficient if you have a large house because it applies a constant force which gives uniform cleaning. Other reason is that the dirty water remains in tanks and not travels as was the case with hand mops and wash cloths.

It does not stop at cleaning and washing. It also dries up the floor with its dry mode. In a much lesser time you get a much cleaner floor. This all is in your budget as well. So you get a perfect hard floor cleaner which your pocket will not mind.

Do not use it on rugs and carpets; it is not made for these surfaces. They are piled surface so obviously a vacuum cleaner only needs to be used.


It is recommended and approved by many consumers. Its average rating on Amazon is above 4. The new advancements in this product have made the mop more efficient and have improved the performance substantially. The few small issues also get shadowed because of these features. It gives you the same cleaning as you would achieve when you manually scrub specifically in an area.

That process, although very effective but also used to tire out a person and also cause pain in back. This steaming mop is designed very ergonomically which makes cleaning your hard floors a breeze.