Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes, FH40010B Review



Vacuuming carpeted floors is one way to make your life easier. But what if your vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum but also wash, scrub, and dry your hardwood floors? The Hoover FloorMate offers that solution. It cleans carpets but it is more specifically designed for bare floors. Clean up wet spills and dry your floor using your vacuum cleaner.

No need for mops and rugs. A very notable feature of the FloorMate is that it uses dual tank technology where the clean water is separated from dirty water picked up from the floor so you can make sure that you are not just spreading more mess around. We will take a closer look at that feature and how effective is really is in this review, along with its other functionalities.

Important Features and Specs

So how exactly is it done? Cleaning hard floors is easy with Hoover’s SpinScrub technology. It uses counter rotating brushes that gently wash and scrub bare floors. It can clean liquid spills such as coffee but it’s also great for picking up thicker substances such as peanut butter, jelly, or ketchup.

Normally, you would use a cloth or mop to wipe out such mess but the problem with that is you only tend to spread them around, making more mess on your floor.What these SpinScrub brushes do is gently scrub the floor as it picks up your wet spills. You can also put cleaning solutions on the tank to really get rid of any sticky elements left behind.

Clean water tank is separate from the dirty tank so you’re not just putting the mess back with the same brush. What’s good about this machine is that it is designed with rubberized wheels so it gently glides and doesn’t scratch your hard floors. Which means it is safe for expensive sealed wood, vinyl, grout, tile, marble, and laminated floors.

It has a somewhat industrial look. It’s dark silver with a clear body for the tank or canister. The handle is foldable for easy storage. It’s lightweight, with dimensions of 15.2 x 12.2 x 31 inches, Width, Depth, and Height (WDH) and weighs 16.2 pounds. It is also easy to maneuver.

When you use detergent or cleaning solutions for wood, you can control the distribution as you roll the vacuum on the floor with the little trigger button.This way, everything is evenly spread.Easily switch from vacuuming to washing and drying with one click on the selector dial. It has three simple settings: vacuum, wash, and dry.

It quickly dries your floor so you don’t need to wait around or use fans.To clean the tank, simply press a button and remove it from the machine.Take it to the nearest sink and empty the dirty liquid and rinse it for your next use. Suction is also good on carpets but users say that it is not as powerful as other Hoover models.

This was not a problem for most customers though, because most of them bought it specifically for bare floors. The price is actually competitive. It is just a little higher than regular vacuums but not a lot of manufacturers offer this type of cleaner in the same price range.


  •  Bagless
  •  Easy to use and maneuver
  •  Reasonable price
  •  Lightweight


  •  Suction is not as good on carpets as other Hoover models
  •  Does not easily dry on tiles and laminated floors
  •  Some users reportedly have problems with the machine spilling out    some water; this could be because of the gasket in the tank. What you  can do is to trim some of the rubber to allow the water to have a  tight   fit so it won’t spill

Who Should Buy

If you have a lot of hard floors in your home, the Hoover FloorMate is a great tool to clean up dry and liquid spills more conveniently. It vacuums, washes and dries using the SpinScrub technology. This is great for those who are not a fan of mopping and scrubbing floors with their hands.

If you have kids who will inevitably make a lot of mess on your floors, this will come in pretty handy especially with milk and jam on your kitchen tiles. If you have more carpeted floors than hard floors, you may want to purchase a different vacuum for it or consider a different model entirely because the suction is not strong enough for serious carpet cleaning.


The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes, FH40010B is a great cleaning solution for bare floors. It washes, scrubs and dries your floor with a simple switch on the dial. It has rubber wheels so it’s gentle and safe even on sealed wood. It also helps restore wood’s natural beauty. It comes at a reasonable price and is packed with features for all your cleaning needs.