Do You Put Hot Or Cold Water in A Humidifier


Believe it or not, the temperature is crucial to the quality of air in your home. With that, you have to seriously consider what to put in your humidifier. So, do you put hot or cold water in a humidifier?

According to several sources, cold water is much better than hot water in most cases. The factors that support this statement have something to do with durability, comfort, and safety. Most people can only appreciate hot water during cold days.

Learn more about why you should use cold water in a humidifier:

Cold water can preserve your humidifier

Hot water contains more minerals than cold water. So, the odds of mineral deposits inside the humidifier are greater if you use hot water. On the other hand, cold water can prevent the accumulation of mold and bacteria due to the absence of mineral deposits.

Without breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms, your humidifier will be able to prove its purpose for many years to come. That contributes to durability.

Cold water has a more refreshing effect

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emphasizes that cool mist is better for easier breathing. Cold water produces air that’s cooler than usual, shrinking your nasal passages.

Meanwhile, hot water will give you warmer air which is a good thing for some cases but dangerous for some health conditions. Warm mist has the tendency to make your nasal passages swell, resulting in a breathing difficulty.

Cold water is safer for kids.

Accidents happen and they sometimes become worse with hot water. Once you get too close to a warm mist humidifier, you might burn yourself because of the hot steam. This is much scarier if you have children in the house.

Even worse, if somebody accidentally hits the humidifier and spills hot water, it might lead to more serious burns. How scary is that?


Do you put hot or cold water in a humidifier?

For the sake of a longer-lasting humidifier, cold water is better. It is also safer and more refreshing. However, don’t hesitate to use hot water during cold days.

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