How Hot Do Hair Dryers Get


Heat from hot hair tools is both a blessing and a curse. When adjusted to a higher setting, it can cause hair damage. For the sake of awareness – how hot do hair dryers get?

The rule of thumb is to never put a blow dryer above your hair if it’s already too hot for your palm. The idea alone that a handheld device can hurt your palm through hot air poses a concern.

Now, let’s get into the specifics. According to the brand Good Hair Day (ghd), a blow dryer can reach 210 degrees Celsius. It may not be the maximum setting for other brands, but this particular temperature can already ruin your hair for good.

What happens exactly? Intense heat can destroy disulfide bonds. The thing is, disulfide bonds serve as the basic foundation of hair.

Without disulfide bonds, your hair loses its structure. In short, it will become extremely weak. This usually leads to frizz and severe hair loss.

In Conclusion

How hot do hair dryers get?

A lot of blow dryers get so hot that they can burn your palm and easily destroy your hair. Even though we can’t say the exact maximum temperature of most hair dryers, 210 degrees Celsius from standard models is already too much.