How Many Different Car Seats A Child Needs Growing Up


Car seats for infants are now an absolute necessity, not just by laws but also by comfort and most importantly safety. These car seats safely latch your child in one position avoiding any unnecessary movements during the travel. This way you can not only get your child to be transported safely from one place to another but also allow you to drive independently without anyone or anything on your laps or arms.

The child safety rules hence have made having a car seat in your vehicle absolutely necessary and anyone who is found not doing so will be punished accordingly. Some automobiles also have a car seat already attached on them in their design. If it is not the case, then you will have to buy a separate car seat for your child. You need to buy different cars for as every child grows you cannot use the same seat over and over again.

Car seats are designed according to the baby’s age, weight and height. Keeping this in mind the UN has divided the car seats in 4 different groups from group 0 to 3. Below is a detailed description of each group so you can easily determine in which group your child belongs.

Group 0

  • Group 0 baby seats are especially made for infants that weigh less than 13 kg or 22 pounds. Age limit varies from a new born to an infant of 15 months. These baby carriers are kept on rear facing way; they are attached to the seat with an adult seat belt to keep it tightly in place and inclined in the correct position. Theses seats keep the baby in a lying down on their back position. With the help of shoulder and crotch belts and lock guides you can keep your baby safely burrowed in the seat. You can add tightly rolled towels or blankets or simple pads to help support the baby and tightly “fix” it up in place.These car seats usually have a carry on handle that allow you to carry the baby with you out of the car wherever you want. This way you can easily travel with your little one and carry him or her without any hassle. Whenever you come back just latch the carry on to the base and you are good to go.

Group 1

  • As your child grows you switch to much larger car seats this time to group 1 infant restraint. These car seats can hold up the baby in lying position comfortable and you can place your toddler who is between the ages of 9 months to 4 years on it. They are specifically made for kids having weight 20-40 pounds.These car seats are attached to the main car seat by an adult safety belt and are usually of rear facing car seats. Although in group 1 car seats front facing ones are also available and legal too but it is advised to buy infant carriers that is rear facing to avoid any injury in the time of collision especially frontal ones.Hence due to child’s safety concerns rear facing car seats in group 1 are preferred.

Group 2

  • These car seats are made for older children from 4 to 6 years are much larger in size than the group 1 seats. They can hold a baby from 15 kg to 25 kg or 33 to 55 pounds. These car seats are both rear facing and forward facing. These car seats attach your child by an adult seat belt. You can place an older child if you want because these car seats are roomy enough.Nowadays the car seats that are getting wide recognition are the convertible car seats. These ones are made to hold your child safely whether he is a new born or weighs up to 50 pounds. These car seats are capable to hold your child in a sitting position. In this variety the car seats are either rear facing or front facing depends on your taste and comfort.

Group 3

  • The group 3 car seats are also known as booster seats. These ones are made front facing and hold your child up in a sitting position. These car seats are specially designed for children that are 4 to 10 years old and weigh about 22 kg to 36 kg or between 48 to 72 pounds.These car seats allow your child to sit back comfortably and be safe and secure. They nest your child by an adult seat belt. This category of car seats is mostly reckoned for the “grownups”.So in a nutshell, your children can be retrained safely and kept away from all kinds of calamities and disasters by the car seats. There are car seats for every age, height and weight group and you can easily seat your child safely while keeping in mind which car seat group does your child belongs to.

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