The Surprising Truth About How Much Deodorant to Apply


Not sure about how much deodorant to apply? The answer may surprise you.

If you like to coat your armpit with a thick layer of deodorant, you’re doing it all wrong. It turns out that four strokes are enough for each armpit. To be more specific, it should be two strokes up and two strokes down.

Don’t worry; too much deodorant is less likely to develop a health hazard in the future. The main problem is wasting the product.

Was the answer unexpected? There are other expert tips you might find shocking.

  • Don’t apply deodorant to damp skin. Wait until your armpits are totally dry.
  • Use the deodorant before your bedtime. It’s okay to wash it off in the shower when you wake up. After all, you’ll just remove the residue, not the product’s properties.
  • The deodorant should be 100% dry before you wear clothes. Speed up the process with cool air from the hairdryer.
  • Only apply deodorant one or two days a week.

In Conclusion

Everybody should know the truth about how much deodorant to apply. This can save you the trouble of buying another bar or bottle more frequent than necessary. A couple of swipes up and down for each armpit is already enough.

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