How Often Should You Brush Your Hair


We hate to break it you, but frequent brushing is bad for your hair. You should have a schedule specifically for that activity to ensure your strands are relaxed most of the time. How often should you brush your hair?

According to The Sunday Edit, the standard is only twice a day. In the morning, we suggest brushing your hair before going to work or doing chores. Meanwhile, the second session should be right before your bedtime.

However, if you have really long hair, brush it three times a day. Aside from brushing it in the morning and evening, you should also include an extra session during lunchtime to prevent stubborn tangles.

On the other hand, with curly or textured hair, you have the freedom to brush it a few times per week only. The recommended timing is during the days you shampoo your hair.

In Conclusion

If you have medium-length straight hair, you should only brush your hair twice a day. Meanwhile, if you have long straight hair, do it more frequently by brushing your strands in the middle of the day. Lastly, it’s best if you brush curly hair only in days when you need to apply shampoo.

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