How Often Should You Use a Sauna


Staying in a sauna clearly has health benefits, but we can’t just assume that it could be a daily thing without learning more about it. How often should you use a sauna?

Frequent use is actually a good thing. It leads to specific advantages you’ll surely appreciate.

Sauna bathing 4-7 times a week can prevent stroke

That’s right; you may use it every single day. This is based on a research study involving more than 1,600 respondents in Finland. The study was conducted for several years, so it’s safe to say that daily use of saunas can indeed lower the odds of stroke.

Using infrared type 2-5 times a week relaxes muscles

Suffering from muscle strain or inflammation? Then you’ll surely appreciate what we’re about to say.

One study suggests that theĀ far-infrared version is ideal after a tough workout. It can relieve sore muscles. That actually makes more sense when you consider how effective heat is for relaxing muscles.

In Conclusion

How often should you use a sauna?

Feel free to use it more than once every week. You can even do it every day. Just make sure to never expose yourself to heat for an insanely long time.

If you want to focus heat in a certain area of your body, you might like sauna belts. Find out if they’re effective for weight loss.