How To Use A Breast Pump For Inducing Labor


Many midwives throughout the years have used this technique for induction of labor, and that is nipple stimulation. In this way you rub the nipples cyclically on term or when your cervix is dilated and the labors will begin. This is a natural way of inducing labor, much opposite to the practices of hospitals were in on term if you are not getting enough labor contractions they either wait and observe you or artificially rupture your membranes and give you an intravenous injection of prostaglandins and IV Oxycontin.

Either way, both of these mechanisms induce the secretion of an enzyme called “Oxytocin”. This enzyme plays a large role in the entire act or labor, from causing uterine contractions to dilation of the cervix giving enough room for your baby to pass through your birth canal.

Natural or Artificial

Now if you are in the favor of using the natural way of labor induction you do have some options. Like either wait or see, let nature take its time and start itself automatically when it’s due. Or if you have passed your due date and you have now entered the time period of post term pregnancy which is anything beyond 40 weeks of gestation then you will require labor induction and emergency delivery and your fetus might be in danger. It is hence your own choice if you want to be given the prostaglandins or naturally release oxytocin to kick start the process.

These days due to the presence of breast pumps you can not only provide your child your own milk if you are on the go or if due to any difficulties you cannot nurse your child, but you can also induce the labor. As this device does the same work as the baby’s natural suckling reflex, it will stimulate your nipples causing you to just push a button and relax on our couch.

The breast pump will stimulate the nipples and cause a surge in oxytocin that will in return stimulate the uterine muscles to rhythmically contract and relax that will eventually allow your birth canal to widen up for passage of the fetus. Through this way you can easily induce labor at home or at a midwife’s clinic rather than going to a hospital.

When to Induce Labor Using Breast Pump

The most important prerequisite for using this technique to induce labor is to definitely wait for the term to arrive. This technique works best for women who have an already dilated cervix. So you should very well wait when you are perfectly ready to deliver and perform it under strict guidance of someone who green lights you as a viable candidate for labor. If you do this at home without any knowledge of when to deliver, even if your date has arrived, it will cause either no change at all resulting in disappointment for you or might induce premature delivery at term.

After knowing if you are a viable candidate for delivery you then will need a warm towel and place it on your breasts. Uncover one and place the breast shield and the breast pump over it allowing it to work its way till 15 minutes maximum. After which cover the breast and do the exact same thing on the other one. Remember to keep the other breast covered by a warm towel this will ensure maximum relaxation of your mammary glands and muscles and will allow more and more release of oxytocin.

Repeat this in cyclical fashion for no more than 5 times. If still after the fifth attempt labor is not induced then you should very well wait instead of trying it again and again.

Concerns Regarding the Usage of Breast Pumps for Labor Induction

Medical researchers have been trying to find out if using a breast pumps on its own a safe method for inducing pregnancy. It is very important to have a specialist check you before you start pumping yourself. Another area of concern is that when you are using the breast pump to stimulate labor at term, there are chances that you will secrete the Colostrums.

Colostrums are the first fluid that comes out of your breast and it contains all the natural antibodies and mineral required for the growth of your child. It is very important for your child to be fed with your first milk that is produced. These natural antibodies will fight against all the bacteria’s and viruses that are ready to infect your child.

Due to unrequited breast stimulation, you might not induce the labor but instead relapse the most important health tonic for your child. This is the major fall out of this technique and hence many mothers do not prefer to use this technique for labor induction. Either way, you can weigh your options between natural and artificial techniques for labor stimulation and choose how you want to give birth.

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