Soft, shiny hair, like those in TV commercials, is really hard to achieve unless you are born with it or pay hundreds of dollars for treatment. For most women, though it is not exactly a prerequisite to living a truly happy life, let’s admit that it would be nice to go out without having to worry about your hair being extra fuzzy on certain days.

Hair straighteners have given us a great temporary solution for this issue; and they are inexpensive and efficient. The HSI Professional 1 is one of the most affordable and probably the most popular in the hair straightener products. It is also known as a flat iron. It features ceramic ion plates and adjustable temperature. But what advantages does do those feature offer? What sets it apart from the rest? Let’s find out in this review.

Important Features and Specs

One of the best things about the HSI Professional 1 is that it uses ceramic plates or what professionals call – tourmaline ion plates. These materials are not often found in the less expensive models of hair straighteners and they are very efficient because not only do these plates heat up faster, they also leave a kind of silky soft shine on your hair. They eliminate frizz in the hair because of the ionic element which adds moisture while the heat is being applied.

The design is really simple. There is nothing too fancy to it. But it looks quite professional. It comes in a matte black finish, with an ergonomic handle for a more comfortable grip. The cord swivels at the very end so that it doesn’t get wrapped or tangled as you work it around your hair, which is really nice. The on and off switch, as well as the temperature control is found in the center, below the plate. It is slim, with the plate being only 1 inch wide, and it weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Another trick that the manufacturer used for this flat iron is they designed the plates with curved, round edges – which helps if you also want to use it for curling your hair or just give it a flip on the edges. It uses infrared heat technology which makes it faster to heat up and evenly distributed to the strands. What this does is, you will have to do less passes to straighten or curl your hair. When tested on long, thick hair, it only took two passes to give the hair a healthy straight look.

The temperature can be adjusted from 240F to 410F (120C – 200C), which is good because it means it can be used for almost all hair types. The control can be found in the middle, on the inner side of the unit, not on the handle so it’s not accidentally adjusted. Set it up to higher heat for those who have stronger curlier hair.

The price is really the defining factor which makes this hair straightener quite a hit. It is one of the most affordable models and it includes a glove; in case you need to protect your hand from the heat, a pouch, and a travel size Argan oil treatment.


• Heats up quick
• Temperature adjustment
• Leaves hair soft and smooth
• Swivel cord
• Good for straightening and curling
• Ergonomic handle
• Very affordable


• May require more work for those who have thicker or curlier hair
• Doesn’t do a flat straight finish

Who Should Buy

The HSI Professional 1 is a great hair straightener that does the job without harming your hair. It leaves a soft and smooth finish. However, it does not flatten your hair too much, like how others may prefer it, or the way it comes out after rebonding.

Instead, it just really really removes the frizz and leaves it with a bit of body so it is more natural looking. So if you want to go for a really stiff straight hair, maybe this is not the best model for you. That really is a matter of preference. This is great for those who want just a natural straight hair style. It heats up fast so this is perfect for those who have busy lifestyles. It may even be used for professional styling.


The HSI PROFESSIONAL 1 CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER FREE GLOVE + POUCH is an affordable yet highly efficient hair straightener which uses ceramic plates, so it leaves hair looking soft and healthy. It uses infrared heating technology, so it works fats, making it suitable for different hair styles. It gives a natural straight look so this is great for everyday use. It can also be used for curling.