Are Humidifiers Good for Asthma


Asthma is a condition where the bronchi of the lungs experience spasms which makes breathing difficult. In most cases, it happens because of an allergic reaction or certain types of hypersensitivity. No matter the cause is, asthma can be distressing.

This is probably one of the reasons why you’re looking for a good humidifier to purchase. But before that, are humidifiers good for asthma?

Humidifiers can ease asthma.

Dry air is a common problem for people with asthma, particularly during the winter.

When you breathe dry air, it irritates the lungs and that leaves your airways inflamed. And as your airways continue to become inflamed, the higher the chances for your asthma to get triggered.

Adding moisture into the air can make that less likely to happen.

Humidifiers can make asthma worse.

While humidifiers can help prevent and ease asthma, it doesn’t mean that they are always great.

When the level of humidity at home go beyond 50%, it can make it harder for a person to breathe, particularly those with asthma. Improper cleaning and maintenance of humidifiers can also cause problems. Bacteria and viruses can easily proliferate inside a humidifier and that can worsen things.

In Conclusion

Are humidifiers good for asthma?

The answer to that will depend on the humidity in your home as well as how great you’re in maintaining and cleaning your humidifier. If you frequently leave it with water even when you’re not using it, you’re practically encouraging bacteria and viruses to grow in numbers. Once those microorganisms get inside your lungs and system, you can develop a lot more health issues.