iCraze fOr iPad Adjustable Vented Tablet &amp Review



While there are many products in the market that help you in making a great standing or adjustable stands for your laptops and working stations there aren’t any for tablets and iPad. After all keeping a tablet and iPad for long can also give you shoulder sores and wrist strains and you will need some sort of stand to work on it properly without propelling it to fall down.

If that’s the case then iCraze has created an adjustable table that can be used to keep your tablets and iPad safely on it without putting you through any stress.

Features and Specifications

This standing desk is different from other desks available in the market not only in terms of design and shape but also quality and space. Following are the highlighting features of this standing desk.

  • Adjustable Tray

    The iPad or tablet tray created by iCraze is adjustable and can be kept at any angle of your choice. You can sit on any position, even if it is lying down and work on it without any worry or hassle. The iPad stand has grooves that keep your gadget in place and the tray is of 17 inches in length that is perfect to save you a lot of space on your working tray.

    So you can easily keep your cup of coffee or anything else that you want on the same surface as you have kept the iPad. This is a great feature as many adjustable desks come with a specific size that can hold only your laptop or iPad and nothing else and you then have to place other important stuff like files and books and writing pads etc. at other places making work less efficient.

    Now you don’t have to spend your time finding where you have kept all your important stuff and everything you need is in one place.The tray has the capacity to turn over a whole of 360 degrees so you can turn it over at whatever position you like and lock it and enjoy working on it, even if you want to lie down on your bed.

  • Multipurpose

    The adjustable iPad tablet desk is made while keeping in mind that with changing time and models there will be changing shapes and sizes of the gadgets and hence this tray is large enough to hold a variety of versions of the gadget.

    While saying that this piece is only useful for keeping and working your iPad and tablets would be wrong. You can use it for other purposes as well like breakfast table or dining table for one, book shelf or a piece of decorative furniture. You can use your creativity and work with it according to your likeness.

  • Sturdy Design

    The skeleton has been made up of aluminum alloy that does not only provide resilience to the piece but also makes it weigh less. This adjustable tray weighs only 5 pounds but can take the weight of 30 pounds on it. Obviously t means that you cannot put your heavy laptops or your personal computers on it.

    But the design in itself helps you to keep all the important stuff that you want like your files and papers and writing pads along with your gadget easily. Obviously this kills the idea of a standing desk and hence you can either use it while sitting or lying according to the position of your choice and comfort.


  • Adjustable tray to 360 degrees
  • Sturdy design
  • Can be used to keep books or even serve dinner
  • Looks good
  • Cheap
  • Less strain on your wrists and shoulders


  • No standing
  • Cannot take more than 30 pounds of weight
  • Not suitable for laptops or working stations

Who Should Buy

This is a product that has been made especially for the gadgets that weigh less like iPad and tablets and not for laptops and working stations. So if you are looking for a furniture piece that is easy to assemble and carry around and can house your iPad or tablet at any position you like, horizontal or vertical then this product is perfect for you.

However it kills the idea of standing desks and hence if you want something that encourages you to stand and do your work then there are many other alternatives in the market today.


Light, cheap and easily modified according to your position and comfort, this adjustable tray for iPad and tablets by iCraze is one of its kind and you can use it for other purposes as well like making it a bookshelf or a one person dining table or just about anything to decorate stuff on. Furniture pieces like this are open to your thinking and creativity.

However t does not support the idea of working while standing and hence you will have to consider it before buying this product.