Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review



Infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your child while you are in a different room. What makes this product different and in some ways better than other products of the same category is the fact that this one comes with 3 interchangeable lens units that allows you to change your lens along if you want to view your child at different angles and views. Through this technology you can keep a watchful eye over your baby while being in a separate room of your house.

Features and Specifications

The video monitor comes with 3 lenses that allow you to view your child at whatever angle that you want. The normal and zoom lens come with the original packaging but the wide angle lens has to be bought separately.

Through the normal lens you can view your child normally as any other camera would show you. By the zoom lens you can see your child in a more intimate view and enjoy each and every of his or her movement while being in a separate room. Unlike other zoom lens where they destroy the vision this one keeps the view as clear as the normal lens without the need to move the camera closer to your baby.

The wide angle lens which has t be bought separately gives you a panoramic view of the whole room so now you can see your child’s activity with a wide 170 degree view. This is a great aspect for those children who are learning to crawl and walk.

  • Night Vision

    Like many other video cameras out there for children that have both day and night vision this one also supports viewing your child at night. As the infrared technology allows you to see what your child is doing in the other room even in the night time this feature is fantastic. Now you don’t need to brighten up the lights of your child’s room you can easily view him/her through the infra-red night vision technology.

  • Sensors

    The device has built in many sensors like room temperature sensors and LED light sensors. Through the room temperature sensor you can see what the temperature of your baby’s room is and what to do to ensure the comfort of your child. The LED light sensor lights up when your baby is crying loudly and alarms you when to go inside to check on your child.

    Apart from that there are other important alarms in the device like out of battery or low in battery device, that help you to recharge the battery in due time rather than turning off without any alert, and out of range signal that alarms when you are out of the range for the device to send you signals of your baby.

  • Remote Control Camera

    The device has a camera that even if kept in your child’s room is controlled by the remote control which will be in your hands. So now you can adjust the camera according to the position of your baby while you are at your dinner table to see how your little one is doing without either disturbing your child or you.

  • Extensive Range and Battery Life

    The device has a large range of up to 700’ that allows you to visualize your child even when you are not near him. So you can now clean your lawn or host a party while still having a watchful eye on your baby. The battery life is also extremely large with 6 hours of constant video mode on and 10 hours on power saving mode.

    This means that you can use this device for a long time without having to change the battery or charge it every now and then. It also comes with a built in sensor that tells you when your device is out of battery and when you should recharge it.

  • Talk Back Feature

    This feature allows you to talk back to your child while you are away from him or her. Through this you will feel as near to him as you would have when you both would have had been in the same room.


  • Talk back
  • Night vision
  • Increased range
  • Led sound signal
  • Room temperature signal
  • 3 lens
  • Remote controlled camera


  • Some customers complained of it not working properly

Who Should Buy

Stay at home moms who want to keep a watchful eye on their child while working in their home and doing their chores fluidly, this perfect product for you. Awarded with 4.3 stars out of 5 by customers online it is a great catch for those who want to see how their child is doing in the other room irrespective of their age whether they are infants or toddlers learning to crawl.


In our extensive research on what are the best video baby monitors this one was voted as one of the best and best sellers in the market today and if you are willing to invest in a product like this then this is the device for you.