Innova Fitness ITX9250 Inversion Therapy Table Review



Health is wealth is a well-known idiom. It is not only the idiom but it actually mean it. If your health is not well your wealth is useless, in fact you can get wealth with health but not health with wealth. But these days’ people are getting careless of their health. They ignore the exercises and walks and get stick to the computers, laptops and mobiles. Due to the increasing sitting habits people are complaining for the backache. Not only the old ones but the youngsters are also getting sick of this. People sometime start taking some medicines or pain killers as per their own wish. But this will give you relief temporarily not permanently. If you want some permanent cure consult your doctors or physicians and go for the therapy. So many inversion tables are available in the market but obviously you will go for the best. Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table is one the well-known therapy tables. It allows your body to get relax completely.

Important Features and Specs

Before going to buy something, you should come to know about its benefits and comforts. Below is some brief description of features and specifications of Innova fitness ITX inversion therapy table.

The inversion table is made up of very smooth fabric. It will help to comfort your whole body. Its sturdy headrest allows you to feel comfortable. It will keep your head in a proper position.

Inversion table has another feature of three different positions. More the different positions more will be its effectiveness. At initial stage you must use the first position, after few days’ second position and then with the passage of time gradually moves toward the third position. It will allow you to invert your body safely without any risk because it has safety bars.

Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table has the safety bars which allow you to move smoothly while changing the position during inversion. It doesn’t give you the breaks or jerks during inversion as the jerks cause the serious matters sometimes. Due to this it has the stability at both smooth and rough surfaces. It is very important for the inversion table to be stable or balance while the therapy is going on.

Innova fitness table have come up with the great design. It has foam rollers. These are for the extra relief and comfort of the patient. Its handlebars are also made of foam. It will avoid the hands from getting slipped.

As you all know that if you want to use something for years you have to take care of that thing. Due to this inversion table can be easily folded to store somewhere in your home. It can carry weight up to 250 pounds. It can adjust the height ranges from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 3 inches.


  • Designed comfortably
  • Affordable price
  • Three adjustable positions
  • Smoothly change its positions
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable backrest support
  • Variable ankle clamps
  • Removable head pillow for additional comfort.


  • Less stability
  • Needs help of another person while using
  • Poor technique
  • Some technical faults in built-up

Who Should Buy

If you are troubled with the back ache issues you must consult some doctor or physician. Doctor will definitely suggest you any medicine, massage or a therapy. Therapy is one of the best treatment for the permanent results. Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table has attractive features in an affordable price. In this expensive era people want to buy high quality in cheap price. In this manner this inversion table will fulfil your requirements. You can get the product according to your expectations.

It improves the postures and increase the blood circulation. People who want to release their stress and tiredness on daily basis must go for the inversion therapy. It will save time and money. Once you get it you can use it in long term. It is a portable table that’s why people prefer it. You can easily move it from one place to another.


Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table is basically use to release the stress and pressure. It will give you relief from the back ache. Actually that pressure is the cause of back ache. Among all the inversion tables Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table is a well-known table.

It has high quality features. Its stability is superb even on rough surface. Security wise this inversion table will give you the guaranty. According to the customers review we come to know that the regular use of the Innova fitness ITX9250 inversion therapy table will give you permanent relief of the pain. When you will get the high quality at cheap price you will definitely appreciate it.

If you are recommended by the doctor or the physician for the therapy treatment I must say that you have to read the features and specifications of this inversion table before taking the decision which inversion table you are going to buy.