How to Install Baby Gate


Your child’s first steps, no matter how exciting it is, can be alarming. That’s why you need to know how to install baby gate. Don’t worry; we’re going to teach you the basics.

According to Consumer Reports, there are two types of baby gates. They require different installation methods.

Hardware-mounted gates are for the stairs

Since this type of baby gate is more secure, its perfect location is at the top of the stairs. What makes it safe is the set of screws holding the sides. No wonder people are also calling it the permanent type.

Here’s the process needed for installing hardware-mounted gates:

  1. Drill holes into the wall studs or door frame (if none, use the stair’s posts) while following the gates’ template or dimensions.
  2. Install the brackets and screws.
  3. Attach the gate.

Pressure-mounted gates don’t need screws

If you’re not really good with tools, this baby gate is ideal for you. However, it’s not recommended for the top of the stairs. Just imagine the risks of a gate that only relies on the pressure against the walls or door frame.

Check out the interesting process for installing pressure-mounted gates.

  1. Adjust the gates’ sliding panels to fit the doorway or the path at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. Squeeze the gate into position.
  3. Secure the gate by using the locking mechanism or pressure bar that comes with the product.

In Conclusion

Despite everything we’ve discussed, we still think that the best way to learn how to install baby gate is by reading the product’s manual. Your baby gate might have special instructions, so be more meticulous.

If you still can’t choose a baby gate, try thinking about the height. How tall should a baby gate be?

For future reference, find out the right time to remove baby gates.